After the End of Young Sheldon’s Season 5, The Producers and CBS releases several updates regarding the Show, That got millions of viewers and fans, because of how successful the Previous TV Show (The Big Bang Theory) was.

The Most Important News updates are: The date release of the Show Season Six, The Producer have hard time finding Jim Parsons’ child replacement, and Fans’ love of Young Sheldon’s Flash T-Shirt compared to Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Flash T-Shirt.

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The Date Release of Young Sheldon Season 6.

Young Sheldon Announced Season 6 (S6)
Announcement from Young Sheldon’s Official Twitter Account of Season 6 (S6).

On Jun 23, 2023, The official Twitter account of Young Sheldon releases a very exciting update about their season six (S6). CBS Finally published the date when Young Sheldon will be back on TV. According to The Wrap, the first episode from S6 will start at 8 PM Thursday, September 29th, 2022 (CBS).

Young Sheldon Tweeted: ” It’s official— the Coopers are back September 29th with season six of #YoungSheldon on @CBS and @paramountplus!”

There are some Trivia and predictions about what can we expect from this season, although it’s not from official sources, it’s just according to the timeline of the previous seasons, and what Fans are expecting to see on S6:

It is possible to witness George’s graduation from high school. then watch Georgie Cooper start building his tire empire. It’s also being expected to see Sheldon starts knocking on the door 3 times.

“Can we find a kid whose nine who can do what Jim Parsons did?”: Young Sheldon’s Producers Admitted.

Young Sheldon and Sheldon from Young Sheldon Show and The Big Bang Theory
Image: Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory Show.

Executive producer Steven Molaro, the creators of Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory Show, admitted that Finding a Child that could replace Jim Parsons was a very difficult and the biggest challenge the team has faced. They didn’t even think it was possible to replace Big Bang actor Jim until they saw Iain Armitage’s audition.

“Obviously, casting Sheldon was a seemingly insurmountable challenge at the beginning,” Steven Molaro said. “We were like, Can we find a kid whose nine who can do what Jim Parsons did? ..That doesn’t seem possible! We’re not going to find that.”

Steve also explained to the Wrap that finding Iain was a big surprise to the team, they weren’t expecting to find a kid with his level of performance. Steve went so far as to say, “This Kid is a Unicorn.”

“And then we got this audition tape from Iain’s mum, who’d shot him on tape and sent it in.” The Executive producer told The Wrap after watching the Audition tape, “Like, ‘Who is this kid?’ And we started Googling him and he had done red carpet theatre reviews on Broadway when he was, like, seven!”

Steve added: “His dad is a theatre actor and he’s a big theatre fan… You can find these videos online. This kid is a unicorn.”

Finding Jim Parsons’s young version, “Iain Armitage”, was a big achievement toward the Big Bang Theory prequel Creation. Steve said: “So, casting him was a really important piece of the puzzle.”

Young Sheldon vs The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon’s Flash T-Shirt.

Sheldon's Flash T-shirt
Image: Sheldon wearing Flash T-shirt in The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

Fans were so happy after they saw Young Sheldon’s New Flash T-Shirt, Some of them said that this version is better than even the previous and original Flash T-Shirt. However, The Show creator explained that there will be no changes to Sheldon’s fashion choices yet due to some concerns about him being too cool.

“No, it is not a permanent wardrobe change,” Steven Molaro told TV Line after the episode aired. “But it is an addition to his wardrobe, which is why he says, I hope I don’t look too cool.”

“He’s covering his bases, and this way, we can put him in a graphic tee when we want.” Steve Added, “When he feels like cutting loose and experimenting with being a teenager, he’ll throw it on.”

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