After the end of the big bang in 2019, then the launch of its Prequel series in 2017, many of the characters in Young Sheldon Show amazes many fans and started wanted to know more about them.

Most of them weren’t as popular as they are now, you might feel like somehow you have seen this person before but sometimes your memory will betray you, however, in this special report, I gathered 7 top casts in Young Sheldon and compared them with the character from the original.

Sheldon Cooper vs Young Sheldon.

Jim Parson and young sheldon
Image: Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage.

The adult version of Sheldon cooper was played by Jim Parsons, who also wins several awards for his role in the Big Bang Theory, finding a replacement for the Big Bang Theory Prequel show, looked almost impossible for the showrunners.

But they manage to find one, who shocks them by his video tap, His name is Iain Armitage.

Mary Cooper vs the Young Mary.

Mary cooper
Image: Marry Cooper, Zoe Perry and her mother Laurie Metcalf.

You might feel like somehow somewhere you have seen, this Young version of Mary cooper but where, well she did play Samantha Ruland from the Scandal tv show 2012 her name is Zoe Perry.

But that’s not all, she was actually the daughter of Mary Cooper from The Big Bang Theory Who was played by Laurie Metcalf.

Missy Cooper vs Young Missy.

missy cooper
Image: Missy Cooper, Sheldon’s Twin Sister.

The twin sister of Sheldon was so annoying to him, but sometimes he real did act as a brother thank her for all the misery she put him through, now you might wonder who played the young Missy.

Well, her name is: Raegan Revord, she appeared in many other shows aside from the Young Sheldon show, like “I see you”, but she is best known for her role as Sheldon’s Twin.

As for the Big Bang Theory version of Missy, her name is Courtney Henggeler, she appeared in many TV Shows before like Melissa and Joey in 2011 and Bones in 2016.

Missy and Paige playing moments

Tam Nguyen vs the young Tam.

Tam sheldon's best friend
Image: Sheldon Cooper’s Best Friend

They are both Asian American Actors, the young version’s name is Ryan Phuong, and he did take part in a lot of TV Show sometimes as a young soldier like Shameless or as a voice actor in some cartoons.

As for Tam from Big Bang was played by Robert Wu, he take a lot of roles after his play in the show, like a voice actor for many characters in Family Guy, and Survivor’s Remorse as Da Chen Bao.

George Cooper vs the young Georgie.

George cooper
Image: Georgie Cooper from Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

In the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s brother role who loves tires so much was played by the actor Jerry O’Connell, he played Steven Birch in “The Billions Series 2016”. The Child who take the role of Georgie from Young Sheldon was Montana Jordan, he played Jaden Ferguson from the comedy drama movie “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter”.

Meemaw vs the Young Meemaw.

Meemaw From young sheldon and TBBT
Image: Meemaw in Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

From Young Sheldon, the actress who played Meemaw (Sheldon’s Grandmother) was Annie Potts, she played in many other tv shows and movies like The Fosters 2017 as Sharon Elkin. And from TBBT, the actress was June Squibb, she also played in Little Voice a short series, as Mrs. Finch.

Q: Why George Cooper Sr. looks so familiar?

Well, because he actually showed up in an episode in the big bang theory as Leonard’s childhood tyrant, he did very well and fans liked his performance. The actor who played both part was Lance Barber.

George cooper sheldon's father
Image: George cooper Sheldon’s father, and Leonard’s Bully.

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