If you follow the Big bang theory Moments of Howard’s Babies (Halley and Neil Michael), You will notice that not even once in the 11 seasons (except the finale) have the producers shown babies of Howard.

Doing so will put more effort into making the episodes, leading to more work for the staff, just to maintain the show and remove the awkwardness from the scenes, compared to just showing the kids.

Some interpret that as a way of maintaining and keeping them mysterious so fans keep watching and talking about the show, but the truth is more than that. Because hiding the kids from the camera before the finale accomplished several things at once

The reason why Howard’s babies didn’t appeared in the show before the finale:

It is not related to keeping things mysterious but for a couple of good reasons, however, Mostly because of the executive producer Steve Holland’s moral ideals.

Back in 2018, Steve Holland claims that he is not a fan of putting infant in front of a camera and it made him feel terrible for doing so, so that’s why he pursue a baby free set in the early seasons.

“I mean, its possible to see the baby, but I’m not a fan of actually having babies on set,” the executive producer told the Entertainment Tonight, “It makes me feel terrible for them. So I’m not super excited to have someone haul their newborn twins and shove them in front of a camera.”

The moment of hearing Howard’s daughter crying, that sounds like his mom.

One of the best moments of the babies is when Howard’s friends went to see his daughter, but they didn’t know who she is, because there were a lot of babies there and they all look the same until she started crying, that’s where all of them were shocked because it sounds like her grandmother.

Showrunner Steve Molaro expresses how Halley Wolowitz is like a way of keeping her grandmother (Howard’s mother) alive.

“She is a loving tribute to her grandmother.. This is a nice way for us to keep Mrs. Wolowitz alive,” Steve Molaro Explained to TV line.

The Reason why they finally appeared in front of the camera at the finale:

During an interview with Mr. Holland, He revealed that the idea of showing the kids in the finale, comes from the big bang theory creator Chuck Lorre.

howard wolowitz babies
Image Credit: From the Big Bang Theory Show at the Series Finale, Howard’s babies are Revealed.

“When we got to the scene Chuck said, why don’t we just do it? why don’t we put them in?.. we didn’t want to make a big deal of it,” Steve Holland told Entertainment weekly. “It seemed like a fun little Easter egg to put them at the end.”

The scene was a good family bedtime scene when Howard and Bernadette were thinking about if leaving the kids with Stuart and Denise for a Couple of Days is a good idea.

The kids didn’t say a word but showing them for the first time was good, because the show has already plenty of mysteries and never shown parts of the story like Penny’s last name, and Mrs. Wolowitz appearance.

Keeping Howard’s twins away from the Camera help keep the stage baby-free, revive Howard’s mother, and make it more mysterious in the eyes of fans by having them think about how did Howard’s babies look like, and finally a nice treat for fans at the end of the show.

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