If You are thinking about putting a Movie or a TV Show on a Huge Screen, in your private Backyard. you probably are searching for movies or need a list of movies. Personally, I recommend you start by narrowing them down to specific types of movies, and if you are the actual host, then you need materials to do so. I have a list for you that I recommend, I think these movies will be best and look great on projector screens.

What Kinds of Movies You can Watch with Family and Friends?

For starters let’s talk about the Audience, first we have you watch it with family members, Second with Teammates (Friends), Third with close friends. Or by yourself.
With family members and teammates for most people there is some kind of respect barrier, and putting whatever you want on the screen will actually hurt your relationship with them. Unless they all agree, you should be careful about the movies you are watching with them.
And for those who want to enjoy the outdoor experience by themselves in peace, they can watch whatever they want as long as it doesn’t disturb the neighbors.

From my experience, as a fan of watching movies in family style, I say that you should stay away from these sorts movies:
Crime & Mafia movies, Party style movies, Horror movies (that it depends on the people watching), and game of throne style movies also if you know what I mean.

And there are movies that have a lot of flashlights. you should also ask attendees if they did have some kind of sensitivity towards those movies in the past. You should always check these before picking up a movie.

As for the recommended genres of movies:

  • Historical Drama,
  • Documentary (preferred to be Investigations, Space & Aliens, )
  • Action
  • Comedy (Highly Recommended as long as it doesn’t include a lot of sexual scenes)
  • Fantasy. (Not recommended if its Game of throne)
  • Mystery.
  • Romance. (same as comedy it shouldn’t involve those scenes if you could find a way to cut those scenes out it would be awesome.)

Why did I recommend and didn’t recommend some types of movies?

It’s simple, you shouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste, you should always make the most out of it. I use these events to deepen my relationships with family members, Cousins, uncles, grandparents, even parents. Why not? … You have nothing to lose by building relations, but you will lose a lot if the opportunity comes and you don’t take advantage of it.

What Materials Do You Need if You Want To Host the Streaming Party in Your Backyard?

 In This Part we will need:

  • Projector.
  • Projector Screen.
  • Speakers (There are many options, it depends on your setup.) for this one let’s pick Bluetooth speakers.
  • Laptop (Its Optional But You Can Look for a Power Bank for laptops)

For more You Need to Check Out Our Full Guide on how to set up your own Private Backyard Theater.

My Favorite TV Shows List That I Recommend To Watch with Family.

Finally to the Most recommended Tv Shows and Movies for the Family & Friends Gathering Parties. First These are the Best Tv Shows I highly recommend:


One of the best Sitcom comedy and Science fiction tv shows of all time. For me this show can educate you on real scientific theories, it can be advanced but it is presented to you in a fun way. I have to point out that it has some unwanted scenes for some audiences, so I recommend you watch the episode before playing it in your backyard theater. Unfortunately it was removed from NETFLIX so the only way to watch it is to find another online streaming platform, for example its available on AMAZON PRIME.


This one is like the old version of the big bang theory, its entertaining and you’ll be laughing all night, i find it great but i see that the big bang theory is actually better consider it delivers more, but that doesn’t mean that the show is not great some people will like Friends Better, because everyone has its own taste. It is available on both NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.

  • SUITS.

This show is an exceptionally great drama show, the team work and team betrayal, it combined both scenarios. For me the scene on how to deal with threats at work and fight back at the workplace, especially in a lawyers firm, can be very interesting if you are into these staff. You see! These days the law can be easily ignored, but this show points out how lawyers and power men use the law to their advantage. It’s also available on both most popular streaming platforms, NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.


If you follow my work, on bigshowseries.com you will notice that I don’t recommend a crime show on family gatherings but this show has an exceptional vibe, Sherlock is one of the best tv shows out there it even got a high score from tv show fans. Available on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.


In this show you will witness the power of love and care about family future. The story begins when Walter White a chemical teacher, discovered that his family is on the verge of financial crisis, by discovering that his wife is about to give birth for another child, plus his previous one is suffering from cerebral palsy, and on top of all of that he recently discovered that he has a terminal cancer, which made him Desperately, take a bid to earn as much money as possible during the time he still alive. By turning an RV into a meth lab. It is available on both NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.

Then These are my favorite Movies.


The struggles for happiness, that’s what the movie should be named, it’s actually a movie that shows what single fathers will go through in their lives, in order to make their children happy and build a promising future for them. A very moving topic and emotional movie deserves to be watched. The movie is available on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.


It’s a story around a young girl that faces peer pressure from her mother, in order to pursue her dream of making it to the National Spelling Bee. She believed she could make it, and didn’t give up. Eventually she finds herself in the community that supports her dream, and believes in her that she has what it takes, even from a mysterious teacher, the movie teaches a valuable lesson in don’t give up on your dreams. The movie is available on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.


This one is very famous among movie fans, it’s a series of movies where people fight for their lives, where desperately they fought each other in a game hosted by a dictatorial system. It’s a science fiction adventure film. Unfortunately, The movie is available on other platforms other than USA NETFLIX for example on AMAZON PRIME.


The movie starts when an outsider has died in a home, four young men decide to investigate the matter and see for themselves the corpse of the dead man. Not for long the Oregon Teens start talking about their lives and start learning about each other’s situations. The movie is available on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.


When a Dad turn his house into a Day care Center. It’s the story of an unemployed dad and a hard working mother, and a couple’s son who has been taking care of, thanks to his father and his father friend, which those two later decided to start a daycare center, a business idea born right from this family. The movie is available on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME.

Also this is a list for more if you already watch the movies and tv shows above:

  • 61* (Not all team leaders have the same personality, a family is like a team and its leader is the father, he doesn’t have to be like every body’s father)
  • BRAVEHEART (Teach you what it means to be free, and it has the best speech about freedom.)
  • DJANGO UNCHAINED (the best movies on sales experts, for people who love to sell products, ideas, ideals.)
  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (the competition spirit that what this movie is about, and great for NFL lovers)
  • HOOSIERS (for people who love to do coaching it teaches you the valuable lesson of you always need to keep your team in check.)
  • FORREST GUMP (the best movie on not giving up no matter what people say about you, not to his extent but a lot of time you have to what you believe in, and stop listening to other people).
  • REMEMBER THE TITANS (what America needs more than ever, how to bring people together when they have opposing ideas.)
  • GLADIATOR (when your goal and whys are crystal clear, nothing can stop you.)

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