During the Big Bang Show, Leonard and His Friends suffered a lot by having Sheldon cooper around, due to his unique and annoying ideas, taste, schedules, and so much more. Yet despite that, they were still around him every day. However, The things that make Sheldon stand out more than anyone in the big bang theory is the things he hates.

What are the things that sheldon hates?

There are a lot of things Sheldon hates, during the 12 seasons of the big bang theory almost anything that a normal person will enjoy, Sheldon hates. But the ones that are constantly repeated in the show are Hate of change, Engineers, sickness, coffee, touching and playing with the food, making fun of the train, and his mortal enemies on his list.

Sheldon Hates making fun of Trains.

Sheldon has a very unique attachment to the trains, and he even forces all the boys to just go on the train instead of taking the plane. So making fun of the train is like wishing for war against Sheldon and you don’t want to be on his bad side or he will add them to the list.

the big bang theory Sheldon Playing with Trains.
Image Credit: From the big bang theory Sheldon Playing with Trains.

He even spent a date with Amy on a train, of all the places. or that time when he even decided to call himself a Train engineer, even though he hates engineers. Also, in the Young Sheldon show, he was even back then so attached to the train and train structure. His backup plan when he was young was to become a Ticket taker if the Physics plan didn’t work out.

Sheldon Hates His Mortal Enemies.

He despises anyone who enters his List of mortal enemies. Like Wil Wheaton, Leslie Winkle, Billy Sparks and his chicken, His brother, and his childhood friend. He put anyone who dare to oppose him or cause him some kind of drama on that list and do whatever he can to pay them back for what they have done.

Sheldon Hates Change.

the Big bang theory, Sheldon at the last season.
Image Credit: From the Big bang theory, Sheldon at the last season.

Either when Sheldon start a fight with Penny for ruining his Saturday laundry night or when he won the Nobel prize, and everything around him start to change, even the elevator start working. Sheldon can’t handle change around him because it scares him and unpredictable.

Sheldon Hates Engineers.

Throughout the show Sheldon didn’t hesitate to make fun of Howard for being just an engineer. Howard asked him about if he really hates him.

Sheldon and Howard
Image Credit: From TBBT Sheldon and Howard.

Then Sheldon explains that he did not hate him as person but he hates his job, and Howard was just an aftermath.

As Sheldon explained, he hates engineers because he thinks that their jobs are insignificant and even monkeys can do better.

Sheldon Hates being around sick people.

He was always on his guard when he was faced with the possibility of getting a sickness from others. Like that time when Howard decided to make a song for Bernadette to tell her how important she is to him because Bernie couldn’t go outside and was stuck in the hospital.

Funny Moments from the Big Bang Theory: “If I didn’t have” song.

Sheldon expresses a great fear to be in front of Bernie and hated to stand beside Amy to sing If I didn’t have you with the rest of his friends to Bernadette.

And even tried to abandon his wife because she was sick, and hated to be around her until she is healthy again.

Sheldon Hates Coffee.

When he was working with Penny on her project involving making flowers, he slept and when penny told him to drink coffee he said that coffee is out of the question and he promised his mother that he never going to take drugs. Sheldon hates coffee because he thinks that it is a drug.

Sheldon got drunk from Coffee
Image Credit: From TBBT Sheldon got drunk from Coffee

But, after Penny talked him to it he started drinking it and then ended up drunk from coffee.

He Hates Touching Food and playing with it.

The best moment that explains this one is when Penny starts playing with the food and touching it directly. Sheldon called Leonard to warn Penny so he said: it upset Sheldon when you play with the food.

Funny moment from the Big Bang Theory: Penny playing with the food.

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