After the end of a legendary show, The Big Bang Theory, many fans who are following the story, were left wondering about the answer to many questions that were raised after the end of the Show, and yet to be answered by the cast members. There are 3 of them that are so important to Howard Wolowitz. and they are:

What’s the deal with the Alien Pin That Howard Was Wearing.

Image Credit: Howard’s Alien Pin from The Big Bang Theory

The Howard Wolowitz Never stop amusing us with his unique fashion. Actually, Every main character of the Big bang theory has its own fashion that reflects their “respective” Personality. For Howard there’s a particular Item that its Difficult for Fans to Noticed, and that is Alien pin.

According to a b-T-S Video for the big bang theory, Simon Helberg, Showed a Meaning of these pins. Despite the fact that these pins too Small, However, the actor revealed in the video, what is the special meaning behind them. That only Howard and the Costume staff know about.

“Howard reminisced about his Alf doll after he and the boys found one on a vintage merchandise box”, During Episode 17, From Season 3. Howard Commented that his mother had bought him the Same doll, Approximately when he was eleven (11) years old.

With the intention to help her kid cope with the sudden disappearance of his father, Sam Wolowitz. According to Howard’s Story, He Said that he wished maybe, someday, Alf would bring his father back home from Melmac.

This Alien pin symbolizes His hope. It sounds Childish but Hey! Howard and the rest of the boys were not Protected from having an illogical mindset. Obviously, the pins were something of personal significance to him ( in his private life) and not just in terms of his professional career.

What was in His Father’s Mysterious Letter?

Image Credit: from The Big Bang Theory When Sheldon found the letter (Season 6, Episode 19)

In Season 6, Episode 19, after Sheldon Found the Letter that Howard’s Dad left for his son (Howard). Leonard, Penny, Bernadette, and Raj were able to know the Letter’s content, (after Sheldon leaked it, of course).

Even though Howard’s friends decided to let him choose and guess between the choices that each of them presented, Howard still refuses to know the correct answer to his dad’s final letter.

However, Remorse said that every single choice was a part of the answer and when assembling them, you will have the full content of the letter, except for what Sheldon said which is obviously false. So technically, They told Howard the answer indirectly, without him knowing.

When did Howard Receive His Ph.D.? or Will he ever going to get one?

Image Credit: from The Big Bang Theory Howard is being mocked for not having a Ph.D.

Despite all the humiliation that Howard suffers from his chief and Sheldon, about him lucking the necessary knowledge for a doctor title, We didn’t see Howard getting his Ph.D. and shutting everyone down.

because, unfortunately, either the show has ended early than expected, and maybe somewhere in the future the show creators will launch another Serie that show Sheldon in the future revealing what happened in the future. Since they already release a show about Sheldon in the past.

Or there is a possibility that Howard will not be pursuing PHD, due to his family situation or to the time when he went to study under Sheldon, which somehow made him lose interest. it all just a speculation but another good season explaining everything will be nice to watch.

About The Big Bang Theory Show:

  • Genre: Sitcom, Television Comedy.
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 From 740,099 People.
  • N° Season: 12
  • N° Episodes: 279
  • Release Date: September 24, 2007
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