It all begins when Amy Finds out About The Fact That Sheldon has Mortal Enemies. From Sheldon’s Words, the total number of his Mortal enemies was 61 in his life. He has even kept an organized list on his desk since he was a little child. Sheldon was so dedicated to that, isn’t he?
This is a list of the people he mentioned.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton in (The Big Bang Theory) TBBT

After taking a 10-hour bus trip to Mississippi for the trek convention. Sheldon was desperate for the chance to meet with Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton. But things didn’t go well as Sheldon hoped it would, Wheaton failed to show up to the convention and the hard work of Sheldon goes in vain. Which made Wil Wheaton a good candidate for a spot on Sheldon’s mortal enemies list.

Billy Sparks

Billy Sparks in TBBT

By Putting a dog pop on the Handlebars of Sheldon’s bike, Billy Spark, Deserves an excellent mark to enter Sheldon cooper’s mortal enemy list. Probably the poor young Sheldon was not aware of the fact until he touch the thing.

Matilda Sparks

Matilda Sparks (Chicken) in Young Sheldon

This is might sound silly, But Sheldon’s list is not exclusive to humans only, even chickens make it to the list. Yes! a Chicken. If you are not familiar with Young Sheldon you will notice that it has the same last name as Billy Sparks who was bullying Sheldon all the time when they were younger. One of his methods to harass Sheldon was terrifying his using his Chicken.

Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner in TBBT

Sheldon was feeling anxious about going to the party that Wheaton invited him to, however that changed after Wil gave him a mint-condition Collectible of his star trek character. BUT not for long, Brent Spiner came over and ruined its integrity by opening the collectible which made Sheldon put him on the List.

Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen in TBBT

Tam is one of Sheldon’s Best friends but things got bad between them due to Sheldon’s Weird Mind he considered him a Mortal Enemy and put him on the list. When Tam Didn’t Follow Sheldon to California, The Boy Considered Tam’s action a grave betrayal, That’s Sheldon for you!

Leslie Winkle

Leslie Winkle in TBBT

The Rivalry between Sheldon Cooper and Leslie Winkle, The two Scientists That couldn’t stand each other, However, things got worse by the day that Dr. Cooper Finds out about Leonard dating Leslie. Which made him Classify His Rival as a Mortal enemy. But they came to a head when she joined the gang’s physics bowl team.

Georgie Cooper

Georgie Cooper (Sheldon’s Brother) in TBBT

Georgie is Sheldon’s Brother. They were not in agreement, Worse enough to make Sheldon OPPOSE The idea of inviting him (Georgie) to his wedding. However, his mother was against it and encouraged him to make amends with his brother Georgie. It was hard for Sheldon to accept that because his brother was on the enemy list. Georgie Got himself on Sheldon’s Mortal enemy list after peeing in his shampoo bottle.

Dr. Ronald Hodges

Dr. Ronald Hodges in Young Sheldon

When Sheldon was young, a professor from NASA called “Ronald Hodges”, comes to his class to motivate the students about what its like to be in space, and How much is launching a rocket, going to cost the nation.

That’s what made Sheldon suggest having the rockets land on the surface instead of throwing them, in the Ocean (Which is right now is possible). But, at that time this Technology was ahead of the existing technology, according to Young Sheldon Show. So, Professor Felt cornered and tries to shut Sheldon down by giving him a NASA sticker. That’s what made this professor join Sheldon’s mortal enemies list.

Jim Henson

Henson was behind the Muppets and a man of a Great Legacy. However That’s not the case with Sheldon and his mentality, Just by being in his dreams Sheldon made the man a Mortal enemy and gave him a spot on his list.


Penny in TBBT

Sheldon was so excited to inform Amy about his Mortal Enemy list, But Penny tried to Prevent him from doing so, Yet the Brat (Sheldon) Just remembered that she was on the list not long ago. “You just got off the list, would you like to be back on it?”, Sheldon says to Penny.

About The Big Bang Theory Show:

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