Yes, Many of the anime that Netflix has produced, has been on the top of the best Animes in the United states, and often it was available on English dubbed.

If you like fantasy, science fiction and romance as well as martial arts, you probably gonna like the Animes below that we are about to mention. So here the best Netflix made anime:

Most popular animes in the United States | made by Netflix:

Anime Characters from: Baki 2018, B: The beginning, Ajin Demi Human.
Anime Characters from: Baki 2018, B: The beginning, Ajin Demi Human.

Baki (2018)

Even though I didn’t get to watch the previous seasons since they’re so old. But I still managed to enjoy my time watching this anime. It is crazy about martial arts, which led to its massive popularity with an amazing story, about a boy who lost his mother because of his abnormal (the strongest man in the world) father. And how Baki the boy (and the protagonist of the anime) becomes the strongest in the world and this anime captures his journey and challenges.

B: the beginning! (2018)

Or also known as the killer “B”, the anime is more towards Mystery and Police than it is to Supernatural and super power. It is about a boy who was one of the kids in a facility who got turned genetically and modified to be killer machines with superpowers. The group escaped and scattered around the country, and one of those is the killer B (the main character of this anime.) (Available on Netflix)

Ajin: demi human (2016)

One of the strangest anime and the most mysterious, due to an incomplete story. It is good because of the amazing story but the design is a little bit unsettling for me personally. It’s like I’m watching a game not an Anime. However, the story makes up for it, even though it’s not complete yet, but it’s a unique one.

About a high schooler who gets his entire world upside down after an accident in the middle of the street, leading to a journey of running away and having the world targeting his back. (Available on Netflix)

Most popular Strong and aggressive animes | made by Netflix:

Anime characters from: Dragon’s Dogma, The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf, Castlevania.

Castlevania (2017)

Careful with this one, Even if it is the best work that Netflix have ever made, alongside The Witcher: Nightmare Wolf, It’s filled with aggressive and violent scenes. So it’s not suitable for Family and friends watch parties.

Aside from that the show has an incredible story with a well known character “Dracula.” The story got more interesting once the journey of a hunter, a witch and Dracula’s Son started. (Available on Netflix)

The Witcher: Nightmare Wolf (2021)

If you’re someone who follows and likes to watch tv shows, you may already know that Netflix has launched in 2019, a similar series to game of throne, that’s called the Witcher.

This anime is a small part of the story from the entire show. It is one of the best Works that Netflix has made and also of the best American made anime, with Castlevania (with its 4 seasons). (Available on Netflix)

Dragon’s Dogma (2020)

The anime is a bit underrated since a lot of people didn’t know about it. It has a similar style like Castlevania and a nice story as the Witcher. In brief, the story is about a man who lost his entire village and family to a dragon, who burned them in front of his eyes then took his heart and replaced it with something that gave his power as well as drives him to seek out the dragon for revenge. (Available on Netflix)

Best Romance and Action Animes | Available on Netflix:

Anime Character, from A.I.C.O Incarnation, Fate/Apocrypha, Violet Evergarden.

Knights of Sidonia (2015-2021)

Space is great but not in this anime, where the humans have to fight and get attacked by unknown beings, while traveling with their gigantic ship from one galaxy to another. I think any more talking will be a spoiler at this point so if space and supernatural phenomena is something you enjoy, give this one a shot and see if you like it. (Removed from Netflix)

Fate/Apocrypha (2017)

One of the most underrated fate series, many dislike this chapter, but personally it’s not that bad. If you tolerate the first 3 episodes the anime will be a lot interesting and more entertaining. The thing with the Fate series is that they can’t make a battle as an intro, or fight as an intro, due to the preparation for war and because of the story which is called the holy grail war.

Therefore they are known for their boring intro. It took me a whole 6 months to pass the first episodes of Fate Zero, because that was the first season I watched. But once I passed the first 3 episodes the war started and I couldn’t stop until I finished the 2 seasons. This chapter is not the best but it is worth watching, since the story will involve overpowered characters and more players than the previous ones. (Available on Netflix)

Violet Evergarden (2018)

One of the most romantic anime that got a lot of attention when it was released. The fans loved the story behind it, even the design is remarkable. With an amazing story about a soldier and his superior officer, the show is one of its kind. (Available on Netflix)

A.I.C.O Incarnation (2018)

A good story for the world ending disaster anime. Having both Romance and Science fiction in the anime makes it even more interesting, it is similar to COD Eater. It’s not amazing as that, it doesn’t have that kind of powered character, it is only similar to it when it comes to the man-made virus, and the world ending catastrophe. (Available on Netflix)


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