Melissa Rauch is well known for the role that she played in the Big Bang Theory as Bernadette Rostenkowski. Before getting the chance to join the crew at TBBT the actress played in many movies and tv shows before, during, and after the successful show.

For Example, she got the chance to be at the Best Week Ever, an old-style tv show, or play as a guest in one of the most popular shows at the Time “The Office”. So I choose 9 TV Shows and Movies that Melissa Rauch Took a role in it then sort them based on their release date.

Melissa Rauch, Big Bang Theory and Delusions
Image: The Actress Melissa Rauch on The Big Bang Theory and Delirious.

2006 – Delirious

A comedy drama movie, released on August 15, 2007, the actress plays as a side character, named Megan in this movie that was produced by Robert Salerno. The Story was about a Photographer that want to make it big.

2007 – The Big Bang Theory

This one is the most famous of them all, she played as Bernadette, Howard calls her Bernie as a short name. the show in case you have never watched TBBT was released on 25 September 2007. The story was about a gang of nerds’ lives.

Melissa Rauch in True Blood and Poster of Kath and Kim
Image: Melissa Rauch in True Blood and Poster of Kath and Kim.

2008 – True Blood

Drama, Supernatural/Fantasy, and Horror Tv Show revolve around Vampires and supernatural creatures. Mrs. Rauch was a part of this movie and Played in it as Summer. The first episode of this Show was released on 7 September 2008, Produced by Alan Ball.

2008 – Kath and Kim

Released on October 9, 2008, this one is Sitcom TV Show, the actress Melissa Rauch was part of it, played as Tina. the show was created by Jane Turner and Gina Riley and others.

Melissa Rauch - Are you Here
Image: Melissa Rauch – Are you Here movie poster.

2010 – Wright vs. Wrong

A comedy Movie, released on 2010, the story is about a public figure who imposes a right-wing agenda.., generally about politics, the didn’t get a lot of support, if fact it performed poorly in the rating on IMDb. The actress played as Daisy Cake in this movie.

2013 – Are You Here

She played as Marie in this movie, which was released on August 22, 2014, and created by Matthew Weiner. this comedy movie was about a son who is trying to inherit his father’s wealth but just like always some people around him try to get in the way.

Melissa Rauch actress in The Bronze and Flock of dudes
Image: Melissa Rauch actress in The Bronze and Flock of Dudes.

2015 – The Bronze

This Time Melissa Rauch takes the lead in this movie and played as the main character named: Hope Ann Greggory. This Comedy/Drama Movie was directed by Bryan Buckley and written by the married couple Melissa Rauch and Winston Rauch, it was released on March 18, 2016.

2015 – Flock of Dudes

This Comedy movie is like the short version of the opposite Big Bang theory, where the guys were academically successful these guys were a bunch of slackers was like to do just the minimum on everything. Melissa played as Jamie in this movie which was released on June 13, 2015.

2019 – Black Monday

A dark comedy show with 3 seasons related to the Darkest day in the history of wall street when the great market crashed. Mrs. Rauch played as Shira. the first episode of this show was released back on January 20, 2019.

Animation movies/tv shows
Image: Animation movies/tv shows posters

Also, Melissa Rauch did many voice-acting in many Animation series, which are so successful, these are the best ones: She played as Kiki Brownstone on Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie, and as The Light Thief in Blaze and the Monster Machines, Also as Francine in Ice Age: Collision Course and last but not least, as Hope Pym from Ant-Man.

Final Thoughts: If you are a fan of Melissa Rauch’s acting career and want to know more about her feel free to check out the Melissa Rauch section here. Or if you want to check the latest updates about the other Big Bang Theory Actors checkout the TBBT Tv Show section.

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