After Mayim Bialik’s appearance in the Big Bang Theory, you might think that she was just a normal Actress that somehow got to play Sheldon’s wife by chance, but in reality, Bialik was famous before that, she got to play a leading role in one of the biggest tv shows back then.

Every time we watch an actor/actress make it, and become famous and popular, oftentimes we got blinded by how successful they are, and forget that they must have sacrificed a lot to get there, and Mayim Bialik is no different. So we gathered 7 facts that only a few people know about the actress and share them with you in this report.

1. Who is she? and What does her family look like?

Mayim Bialik, 46, was born on December 12th, 1975 to Jewish parents. This fact has been proven by a DNA Test from 23andme company, where they find out, that she is 99.7% Ashkenazi Jewish.

Mayim Bialik parents and Family
Image: Mayim Bialik, Her parents, Family when she was young.

In College, Due to her fascination with Judaism, She minored in Hebrew and Jewish studies. Her family taught her about the Handwork ethic and what it means to be a good citizen.

2. How did she get into Acting?

Her early involvement in School acting, made her want to pursue an acting career more. As she explained to Edge Magazine, she found what she love to do at a very young age.

She Said: “I should be an actress, kids do commercials and stuff like that.”

Mayim Bialik Blossom show
Image: Mayim Bialik Blossom tv show

Her acting career take off when she got the chance to be in a leading role for a very famous TV Show back in the 90s called “Blossom”. The big bang theory show has many references to This series on multiple occasions.

3. There was always something Different about her

Mayim Bialik explained to Marie Claire in a YouTube video posted on her channel, that it occur to her since she was a child that there is something about her that is different, that other people don’t have.

“I knew there was something, many things; possibly [everything] about me that was different from other girls. And other boys, a lot of the time,” She Explained in a video.

4. How is she raising her Kids?

She decided to do Attachment Parenting. Basically, it is a non Passive parenting method that embraces the Dependency of the child on the parent and encourages natural independency. it is like a child’s learning phase. You can read more about it here on Wikipedia.

Mayim Bialik YouTube Channel
Image: Mayim Bialik YouTube Channel, Baking with her boys.

“My kids don’t run my house. Attachment parenting is not a passive parenting style,” She Explained to the Time. “The subtle difference is that you are very committed to being near your child and you’re also committing yourself to not encourage early independence but to embrace the natural progression of independence.”

5. The Problem that lead her to a spot in The Big Bang Theory.

In a YouTube video, the actress explained that the True story behind her seeking a spot in the big bang theory crew, is related to financial and health issues.

“I had an infant and a toddler and I was trying to get back into the business because I needed health insurance. She said in the Video on Wired. “This is a true story.”

“The true story is I was running out of health insurance,” She also told popcorn.

6. Why is she a Proud Vegan?

In a Video, Mayim Bialik joked about her being a Vegan and how eating animals seems a strange thing to do for her.

Mayim Bialik Big Bang Theory
Image: Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory Show, Neuroscientist.

She said: “If I had told my mom that I felt weird about eating animals, she would’ve been like, What? People didn’t survive the Holocaust so you could complain about what I put in front of you.”

Apparently, her real reason has something to do with Environment impact, Her health issues. She explains: “I’m vegan because of the economic impact [that] storing the animals for their flesh and byproducts creates. And I’m vegan because of the environmental impact of farming. I’m also vegan because of the health implications.”

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