Even if this is a really Old TV show but it still have a really impact on the people because till this day they still watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S the 90s’ TV Show. From the Show I Gather couple of life lessons that the show Clearly presented or Somehow after watching the show you pick ideas from the experience. There are tens of more but we narrowly down to just 18 of life lessons that FRIENDS teach us:

What life lessons does FRIENDS tv Show teach us?

18 Life Lessons from Friends Tv show Series YOU WILL LEARN

10. Telling a Story about a Hard Time That You Experience in the Past can be turned into a joke, but Telling it when you are experiencing it can be turned into Excuses.

After being Divorced for the First time, then For the Second Time, then Also the third time, Ross divorce series became a Joke even after all what he went through, later it become a joke, and the others always pick on him and called Divorce is his thing.

Image Credit: Ross from FRIENDS tv show

09. Reading or Hearing Something and not paying full attention can lead to a bad judgement and to a false Accusations so easily, and it will probably Ruin your relationships with your closest people to you.

When Rachel reads the letter that Ross was writing wrong, that causes a lot of emotions and eventually leads to a breakup, which is a false accusation from Rachel. If only she read the letter correctly nothing of that would happen.

Image Credit: Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS tv show

08. Sometimes eating when you are angry Can make your hard times easier. 

When Ross has lost a job and is about to get a divorce for the second time before he turns thirty, a good sandwich can make him happy. Although that’s what he thought anyway, because he was thinking about seeing the good things that are happening in his life, but thighs didn’t go so well for him.

07. True Friends are the friends that come to your aid in the Hard Moments.

In the show, I find this lesson really standout when Rachel has no where to go, after leaving her fiancée, Monica Invited here Long time no see friend to stay with here in the apartment.

06. Having a Special Place to hangout with your friends everyday is Truly a Treasure.

The most famous place in friends is where all the members gather, it is truly hold its place as a special place, Caffe Central Perk. it’s the place where friends hangout Exchange ideas and jokes. I think its really important for close friends to have a place like that, and hold a special memory. the place becomes more like a golden memory than a place for costumer service.

Image Credit: from FRIENDS tv show

05. People will criticize you no matter what you, So Don’t Worry about What People Think Because in a lot of Occasions their opinion, Doesn’t matter.

I think its nice to be like Phoebe, Not all out like her, but the way she speaks her mind without a care in the world is a good thing to have. because what people are thinking about you doesn’t really matter.

Image Credit: Phoebe from FRIENDS tv show

04. Even if it hurts in the short term, Being honest is always the safest option and the easier.

This one I think that it appears clearly when Monica and Chalder tries to hide their relation, from Ross. it turns out to be a disaster after Ross find out. and they also lived miserable in fear from him. it will be better if they just come clean from the start.

Image Credit: Ross, Monica and Chandler from FRIENDS tv show

03. Drinking is bad and Could lead to a Big Mistakes that can not be undone, so Don’t Drink for a better life. Reality is always better than illusions.

Like that time when Ross and Rachel Got Drank and then they Started doing weird things which eventually gotten worse to the way they got married without even know it. I think that in the show they really exaggerated but its true when you are drank you could do a really stupid things that you might regret for the rest of your life. so to be on the safe side don’t ever drink, Reality is better, drinking is running from your problems.

02. People can Change and Defining someone with his past is a wrong way to judge people, because the past Doesn’t necessarily define someone.

Ross was a nerd back in High School according to the show, But now he is more like an awkward person, He is not a nerd anymore, that tells you that people can change themselves over time and judging them with their past is a wrong move to make.

01. Don’t Downplay your job even if it’s a Crappy Job because it Could be a stepping Stone for a better Future.

Looking down to your job is like telling yourself you are worthless, and downplaying your own potential. That Dream job is Hard to get, and sometime it take time for the right timing. Sometimes you are not ready and sometimes its not for you, because you may have a talent on something else and it is just waiting for the right person to uncover it.

Image Credit: Rachel from FRIENDS tv show

More Useful to know Lessons:

1. Taking the Hard Choice Instead of the Easy Way out, is often the best way to change your life.

2. Taking a Bath after having a hard time will Cheer you up.

3. We have to look to the bright side and the positive way, because there is always a good thing in life, and looking to the dark side and negative way, will make you miserable.

4. Don’t Plan every Detail in your life because life it’s not perfect and always something could go wrong.

5. We need to Take Responsibility for Our Mistakes and Try to solve them instead of running away or blaming others for what is clearly our responsibility.

6. We all are free to have different opinions, that’s called freedom of speech, everyone has opinions and their opinions doesn’t have to be our opinions too.

7. Don’t Make Excuses and Say the Real Reason will help you solve your problem.

8. Taking risks in life is what makes us Who we are. By taking risks we go through challenges that make us stronger, and no one will grow without taking risks. We take a risk of falling to start walking.

Sometimes, a TV show might be a reason for you to change, because life lessons like that might cost you a lot of relations or opportunities, to understand. so I encourage everyone to not just look at only what mistakes they make, but also at what lessons you can learn from other people’s experience.


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