In recent months, The Actor Kunal Nayyar, who is well-known for his play on the big bang theory as Raj Koothrappali. He releases several interesting statements during interviews with different outlets about his time filming the big bang theory, and what he thinks about its future. There are three very important things Fans should know about the show that Kunal said.

1. Kunal Nayyar Shares The sacrifices That He Made for the Big Bang Theory Show.

The actor expresses his struggles and sacrifices at Channel 4 when he was filming the big bang theory during a show hosted by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer.

The Big Bang Theory, an American television sitcom, Kunal Nayyar.
Image Credit: From The Big Bang Theory, an American television sitcom, Kunal Nayyar, Who is a British actor.

He said that people don’t know what it takes to do a show like this one, and he has endured a lot just by staying away from his FAMILY in India. Long shows like these require most of the actors especially if they were the main character. So, It is understandable how much Kunal has to suffer and sacrifice to play in TBBT.

“People don’t realize the sacrifice it takes to do an entire season, you know, and for me living away from my family in India, I had missed a lot of births and deaths and anniversaries.” Kunal Nayyar said.

Ending the big bang theory is like a relief or more like a vacation for Kunal as he described that having quality time with family is important too.

“It was time for me and for all of us to spend more time with our families.” Mr. Kunal said.

Only a few people know this: when Mr. Nayyar got his role in the big bang theory. he was just recently graduated.

“I had just graduated from getting my master’s degree so I was all high and mighty, you know like, I’m an actor and I’m gonna do this, I get this audition and my mind just sank,” Kunal explained how excited he was, when he got this role to the host.

And about his training, the actor explained how hard the training was to speak with a British accent. “I would sit in a black cab and talk to the taxi drivers in my British accent, I’d drive around for an hour,” Kunal said.

2. Raj from the big bang theory said there is no reason to end The Show.

Kunal explained why he feels The Big bang was great and there is nothing wrong or reason to end it at Lorraine British TV Program.

Image Credit: The Big Bang Theory, an American television sitcom, Kunal Nayyar Played Raj as Koothrappaliat at TBBT.

Mr. Nyyar compared the show to a the love of your life when the host asked him: “But it finished at the right time didn’t it?”

He told Lorraine: “..You know I often say for me, personally, ending Big Bang was like breaking up with the love of your life when you know nothing is wrong but it’s just time,”

Big bang theory actor confessed that he still processing his journey when filming the show and how he was growing up during the show.

“That’s really what it felt like you know. I’m still processing what that entire journey was like,” Kunal said, “279 episodes you know, I grew up on that show.”

3. Kunal Nayyar: “Big Bang theory Reunion will not happen at any time soon.”

With this sad news, Kunal Nayyar brings our dreams of having the big bang cast members together in one place again (after the end of the show) to an end, By saying that it is too early for a reunion because having one any time soon will look like a new season.

Image Credit: From The Big Bang Theory, an American television sitcom, and TBBT actor, Kunal Nayyar.

“We have to look slightly older. We’re living in this world right now full of reunions and I just think we’re not quite there yet. You can’t do a reunion, that would just be like doing a new season, we can’t do a reunion yet. Not that I’m saying we’re doing a new season!” Mr. Nayyar said, according to Metro united kingdom.

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