Kaley Cuoco, the Big Bang Theory actress and the Producer of the two amazing shows, the flight attendant and Harley Quinn animation, is back with amazing news updates about two new Projects.

After 2 seasons in the Flight attendant, and then winning the Emmy award two times, the actress surprise her fans with two other projects that are being produced by famous showrunners and top actors.

TV SHOW: Peacock’s dark comedic thriller “Based On a True Story”

Kaley cuoco Joined Based on true Story
Image: Kaley Cuoco, Actress, and Producer, of The Flight Attendant Show.

Kaley Cuoco Joined the Peacock’s Dark Comedic Thriller, “Base on a True Story,” something similar to the Flight Attendant. According to Deadline, It was written by Craig Rosenberg, an Emmy-nominated The Boys executive producer, and it was Inspired by a bizarre true event.

The outlet also reported that Kaley Cuoco has a two-season deal for “Based On a True Story”. She shared her excitement for what’s coming after this deal that her crew made it happened, on an Instagram caption.

“Couldn’t be more excited or grateful. Thanks to my epic team and everyone involved who made this happen.” Kaley Cuoco wrote in an Instagram post.

The story according to the reporter, is about a realtor, a plumber, and a former tennis star whose lives unexpectedly collide, exposing America’s obsession with true crime, murder, and the slowly closed toilet seat.

Currently, it is being reported that The Big Bang Theory Actress Kaley Cuoco will play a married woman named Ava Bartlett who will be the realtor character. But there wasn’t a clear official statement yet regarding her role, it might get changed later, if it does I will update this report as soon as possible and notified you with that.

MOVIE: Play as a mother for the first time in the movie Directed by Thomas Vincent.

Kaley Cuoco Playing as a Mom for the First Time
Image: Kaley Cuoco in Berlin, Filming her first Movie as Mother, the picture is from her official Instagram.

In an Instagram Story, Ms. Cuoco, who also serves as producer, took a picture from the Berlin set with the young actress who plays her daughter, The picture was filled with joy and excitement for her new role for the first time as a mother. The Movie is being filmed in Berlin, According to Hello Magazine.

The stars of the movie will be The Big Bang Theory actress alongside David Oyelowo, who will be playing Cuoco’s husband and Billy Bob Thornton will play a mysterious stranger.

There isn’t a Released date yet currently for both projects (Based on a true story, and Kaley’s new movie), if something come up regarding that matter we will share it here, and update the post for you.

After these updates about the new projects that Kaley Cuoco is up to, there were many doubts, and fans now are asking if there will be a 3rd Season of The Flight Attendant. According to Kaley’s latest update regarding the S3, she hinted that it is highly unlikely to be a third season for her successful project.

“In season one, remember, it was a limited series and they had an idea for season two that I thought producers executed brilliantly,” Cuoco said. “If they come to us and say we have this great idea for season three, we should be so lucky.”

What’s Next: We will make sure to catch the recent updates about Kaley Cuoco’s new project and post them as soon as it is released. If you want to see more about Kaley Cuoco visit the Kaley Cuoco section. And if you are interested in the new updates about the Big Bang Theory Prequel feel free to check out the Young Sheldon section.

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