Kaley Cuoco is one of the most hard-working actors in Hollywood, she keeps playing role after role. it is hard to find a year, where she wasn’t working on a project already. Therefore, she played in many tv shows to the point it’s hard to keep up, some of them are a hit and some are not that famous.

So, In this article I put together 9 of the best tv shows that Kaley Cuoco played in, from the back when she was only 7-10 years old until today.

My So-Called Life 1994-1995

Image Credit: From My So called life, Kaley Cuoco, Young Angela Chase

The First Debut Tv Show that Kaley Cuoco played in, she was between 7-10 years. She played next to big names and Well known actors like Jared Leto, Claire Danes, and many others.

The show is about a teenage girl who got trapped in the problems of common teens like Drugs, sex, and friendship drama. It shows how this girl lived as a teenager at that time surrounded by all those issues. Cuoco played c the same one that Claire Danes was playing.

7th Heaven 1996-2007

7th Heaven, Kaley Cuoco, Lynn
Image Credit: From 7th Heaven, Kaley Cuoco, Lynn

Right after she completed Her previous project, Cuoco jumped right back to the next show about family and romance. If we take a look at Kaley’s tv show you will see that comedy, romance, and family are dominant, So, we can say this is her comfort zone.

In this long Serie Kaley plays as Lynn. The show features the story of a father and his wife, a couple trying to keep their romance alive, while trying to raise a large number of kids Properly, during the hard times, which lead them to face numerous challenges of big family problems.

8 Simple Rules 2002-2004

8 Simple Rules, Kaley Cuoco, Bridget Hennessy.
Image Credit: From 8Simple Rules, Kaley Cuoco, Bridget Hennessy.

This one was the first good show, where she was given a key role in the story, “Bridget Hennessy” (the teenage daughter). And since the show was titled 8 Simple Rules for dating my daughter, she was basically one of the leading characters in the Show at a very young age (17-19).

The Story of the show features how difficult is for a father (Paul Hennessy) to raise three children (two girls and one only boy: Bridget, Kerry, and Rory) each one has its own critical time, one has a problem is cross dating, the other smart and cute but can’t express her feeling and the boy is discovering girls.

Prison Break 2005

Prison Break, Kaley Cuoco, Sasha Murray.
Image Credit: From Prison Break, Kaley Cuoco, Sasha Murray.

A very famous tv show, the mission is how one brother sets in motion a series of plans to help his brother break out of prison then help him clear his name from a crime that he didn’t commit. Prison break has a good rating on the Internet almost 8.3/10 on IMDb. Cuoco here played a side character of Sasha Murray.

The Big Bang Theory 2007-2019

The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco, Penny.
Image Credit: From The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco, Penny.

I just have to include the most obvious one, without the big bang theory the best shows of Kaley Cuoco will not be complete.

Most people Knew Kaley from her role in the big bang, due to the show’s massive popularity. Penny was one of the leading characters in the show and it did attract a lot of attention, which is one of the reasons why she got her leading role in the Flight Attendant show.

Harley Quinn 2019

Harley Quinn animated series and Kaley Cuoco.
Image Credit: From Harley Quinn animated series and Kaley Cuoco.

You might not know this, Back then Harley Quinn animated series was one the most popular series. Kaley played in that show as a voice actress for the newly Harley Quinn, who decided to make it on her own in Gotham City as a criminal.

You may have heard of this name or you might recognize the face, she is the right hand of the joker from the batman series, they decided to make a separate Serie that features Harley Quinn due to her growing popularity.

The Flight Attendant 2020-2022

The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco, Cassie Bowden.
Image Credit: From The Flight Attendant, Kaley Cuoco, Cassie Bowden.

After the success she had in the big bang theory, Kaley landed a big leading role in another project called The Flight Attendant. This show is a mixture of Comedy, Drama, and Thriller.

The Character of the flight attendant is not so much different than Penny in the Big bang theory. Her role is still to be that drunk clumsy beautiful girl, who sleeps with men who gave her a hard time afterwards.

The story of the show is related to a flight attendant who got in trouble for sleeping with a man, that she doesn’t know. The FBI was tracking him, so, they suspected Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco).


  • First Monday 2002
  • The Hollow 2004

Final Thoughts: These are only a few tv shows from Kaley Cuoco‘s portfolio there are more, but a lot of them are either not that great or they got removed or not available online. In recent years, the actress was mostly known for her role as Penny from the Big bang theory, or recently as Cassie Bowden from the Flight Attendant.

Kaley Cuoco’s Evolution:

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