The Difference Between Free and Paid Streaming websites is that Free ones are dangers due to the monetization method they use, and paid ones are more safer and you are legally protected. For free websites to maintain their site and ear money they have to either, sell your private information to hackers and scammers, or install a mining program in your device to either mine your daily information or your hardware which both will hurt you in the long run. While paid companies (websites) might sell your info but to legit marketers and companies. and one more benefit of using paid sites is that you are protected while using their services, since their websites have more and far more security then the free illegal ones.

What are the Best Free Movie Streaming Sites?

IMDb TVBounce TVstreamlordVumoo
TheRokuChannelPluto TV123chillKanopy
VuduInternet ArchiveYidioflixtor
XUMO TVAfdahSpaceMov

If you are curious about what are the best free websites to watch movies, the table above shows top ranking websites that deliver streaming service for free in exchange of either your information or the use of your hardware to mine cryptos.
From the table you will see that we only include the name of the website only, because we are not promoting those illegal sites to you, considering what kind of damage they can cause to your life and money.
I advise the people who are willing to take the risk to not risk their info for that plus even if you search for the sites, there actually exists multiple sites that they are using the same name and you might actually fall for their schemes.
We always advise people to use the paid ones even if they might cost money but they are the safest options.

What are the Best Free Anime Streaming Sites?


Usually the people who are trying to reach the websites of an anime streaming service, are so young and that could be very very problematic, because the young ones are ignorant about the risk of using those sites, and are not ready yet to face the tricks and schemes of those hackers and scammers.

We always advise young people to ask the adults for help when it comes to the internet, and especially when someone gives you things and services for free, because no one is dumb enough to launch a site and spend massive amount of money, and risk the fact that he might get caught and face justice, to just entertain you. Nothing is free on the internet, if something is given to you always expect that they are taking more from you.

What are the Best Paid Movie Streaming Websites?

Amazon Prime VideoDisney PlusApple TV Plus
NetflixYouTube MoviesHBO Max

For Movies these are the best Streaming sites I know and Trust, These streaming services are considered the best in the market right now, and using them will vary, because it depends on what your needs are. For example, YouTube Tv and Apple TV Plus is for people who enjoy watching movies on tv cable, kind of old school style. But for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it is Actually for movies to Watch online either on your phone, pc, laptop, or if you have a smart tv you will be able to watch your favorite movie anytime you want.

These paid streaming platforms are safe to use as well as legal to use too. The sites are making their money by purchasing the movie then streaming it to the people that bought their membership for $10. They use the vast number of people to cover the expense of buying the movie, and make a huge profit.

Just a quick note: you might need a VPN for Disney Plus, HBO Max and Hulu, to use them in your country, they are available for a lot of countries but for those that are not available on, you are still able to use them by using a VPN.

What are the Best Paid Anime Streaming Websites?


These websites are far more secure and more reliable then the free ones.

You might need to use a VPN to connect with some of the services but it’s okay because even with the VPN it doesn’t cost much, plus two of the services are more than enough to watch almost all the anime that are being released.

I recommend using Crunchyroll as your main website, it doesn’t require using VPN because it’s available everywhere in the world. Netflix if you are not into anime that much or you just got started. If you are an Anime lover and you don’t watch TV shows and movies, I recommend using both Crunchyroll and Funimation and you will have all the anime that is being released in the world. As for, VRV is for Otakus, plus it costs more than the other ones.

Is it Safe to Use Free Movie/Anime Streaming Websites?

Absolutely, Not they are a pirate websites, and streaming anime for free is illegal. Although people might recommend them, but they are actually not safe at all, your private info will be shared between scammers and hackers. I advise you to not visit their websites and just use the paid websites only. If you trust pirates with your information that’s a different story.

No, it’s not. Using Pirate websites, and watching anime for free just because someone provides it, is not legal. I don’t know what the legal punishments are, but using them will just get you in trouble. either with your life or with Justice.

Why You Should Not Use Free Streaming Websites?

Because they are not actually free websites, these sites are earning money by leading you to anonymous ads and selling your information with scammers and hackers all the time.

What are the consequences of using free streaming websites?

  • Losing your privacy to a Scammer.
  • You might get in trouble with justice.
  • Losing money to scammer.
  • Getting hacked.
  • Getting blackmailed
  • Losing you device or hardware.

Is there a safe free movie/anime streaming websites?

No, Because producing a Movie or an Anime actually will cost a lot of time and effort plus money, and always the purpose of producing them is to deliver a message and Earn money, by selling the final products to streaming platforms like Netflix, or Amazon Prime.


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