Buying the right speaker for your Home Theater, Gaming Console (PlayStation,..) or a Pc, Can really determine the Quality of your audio. Most people enjoy movies, games or music more, if they get a speaker that is suitable for their needs. So it will be a wise choice to put and invest more Time and Money into picking a good stereo system. But How to choose the right speaker for you? And what should you look for in a speaker? To be Precise there are Factors and speaker specs that determine the Quality of the Sound. On top of the factors and the specs, there is a list of Recommended Brands that should help narrow down the choices, and serve as a starting point for your research.

How to Get a Top Performing Speaker suitable for your needs? So you don’t waste your money buying more unnecessary Expensive speakers.

What are the factors that determined the performance of the Speaker?

1. How Good is the Quality of the Sound?

Actually, there is no perfect Score in Sound Quality that a speaker can get, Because having a good audio performance, it’s like you are saying this food tastes good. Therefore every person has its own taste also when it comes to Sound. A Speaker may work great for you but not for another person, and a better price doesn’t lead to a better performance.

So the best way to check the quality is to actually use the speaker yourself, or as an alternative but not very efficient is to check the reviews about the Speaker and see the experience of those Majority that bought the item before buying it yourself.

Best Bluetooth speakers with a budget
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2. What are You gonna use the Speaker for?

For this one, You Need to make sure what type of speaker you want, based on what system this speaker is going to be part of. Depending on the Answer; you will be able to select the right type of speaker, because if you don’t you will either pay a cheap price and get a cheap experience or pay an unnecessary expensive tab.

For Example: You can’t use a Pc speaker to run a home theater, it will ruin and destroy your speaker with a move like that. You will need a much bigger speaker and more than 2 speakers for better quality, plus it is much more expensive to achieve high performance audio.

3. Where are you going to use the speaker? (in a large or small room)

Yes! The size of the room matters, especially when it comes to: (ex: Home theater, Kitchen Music..), Because you might need more than one speaker, and have a system to operate that, called Multi-channel Setup, Plus the size of the speaker will depend also on the space of the room, also you might get a speaker with a high db. (decibels) which control the volume of the speaker.

4. What System is going to use the Speaker?

This one will come as an essential and critical factor, if you are buying this speaker to be part of a surround-sound setup, or going to use it with an Amplifier.

5. How many hours are you going to make this speaker work?

If you planning to run this speaker for a long hours per day, you might need to put more money to your budget, because you will need a much better speaker that can endure more working time. The cheap ones are going to break easily if you don’t use them considerably.

6. Are you buying from a local store or buying from the internet?

It’s best if you bought the speaker from a local store for the purpose of experimenting before buying, because even if the speaker was recommended by someone it doesn’t mean you will like the quality of the sound.

But in case The speaker you want to test isn’t in the stores, or so far away from your home, you can use the alternative, “the internet”: the best practice you need to do is to start reading the return policy of the site and do quick research about the company that run the site, who have the speaker you want.

Also use a credit card for this purchase, it can really save you from potential risks. That way you don’t get screwed, since buying a speaker could be very, very expensive.

What specs should you look for when choosing a Speaker?

What kind of wiring the speaker you need uses; (Bluetooth/Wired/Wireless.)

Specs related to the Amplifier (if you own one) the speaker must be compatible with the amplifier because it will be a mess if you get a speaker with the wrong specs.

Check mainly for the Sensitivity (db. (decibels)) of the speaker, because 80-88 db. is considered to be low and 100 db. is considered to be high. And the higher the number the more sound it will get and the less quality you will have.

In case of an Amplifier: Check both the speaker and the amplifier specs, the main specs that you should look for are:

The power handling (watt): Check the power of the speaker: cause giving the speaker more power than they can handle can easily damage the speaker.

Impudence (ohm): Eight ohms is the optimal number cause most amplifiers are compatible with this one, you can risk the amplifier to overheat in case of lower impedance speakers.

Best Companies that sell Speakers (based on Budget, its Use and Placement).

how to buy speaekers suitable for pc and laptops with a budget
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1. Normal Speakers Suitable for PCs and Small rooms Music for Under $100:

Urbanista Speaker:

If you are on a tight budget, this Speaker is not the best but it sure has a pleasing sound, For under $100. It has an 2x 8W Power Drive, It hasn’t been any information about the Sensitivity and the impedance of the Speaker on the Amazon site, but the website of the company it shows that Driver power= 2 x 10W, and the Sensitivity is 80dB+/-3dB, which is Considered low, which explains the good sound and the weak structure of the speaker. And the Impedance= 4±3﹪Ω, Which is not good if you are using an amplifier.

This Speaker is For PC, in a small room, works with another pair. (Not suitable for Home theater, or big Smart TVs since the sound is weak.)

Anker 2-Flare Speaker:

This one is similar to the Urbanista Speaker, plus is more towards house music than it is toward PCs, But it should work normally with the PC also. But the more mind blowing features are: RGB Lightning, with a waterproof. And the amazing claim by the company that the speaker can work with 100 speakers of its kind.

The power drive for this one is 20W. And the rest of the important specs are missing from both the site and amazon. This video has the experiment of 100 Anker Speakers working together: (

2. Water Proof Speakers for Under $100

Ultimate Ears Speaker:

If you want something for more outdoor use, The Logitech Ultimate Ears (UE) WONDERBOOM 2 Bluetooth Speaker is the best, Based on the Company Claims and TechRadar review. With just a reasonable price you will have a rugged speaker. It has 86 db. in the normal mode, then it goes to 87 db. in outdoor mode. It’s a Bluetooth speaker so there is no need for power specs and impedance.

3. Quality Sound and Solid performance Speakers Under $200:

JBL Speaker:

This one is one of the best speakers when it comes to sound quality and performance, it’s not considered a high end product but it will prove it’s worth, and solidity.

The specs related to the amplifier are not important since it’s a Wireless/Bluetooth speaker. However, there is the Battery: which based on the company’s claims it can reach 20 hours of music, and with a built-in battery, it can go for hours without stopping.

4. Home Theater Speakers Under $500:

Sonos speakers:

Sonos One (Gen 2) is one of the strongest speakers that is worth the high price, since it has a lot of features with the ability to withstand and perform amazingly in the home theater and large rooms. However, it is recommended to use a PC and laptop when using one pair, but you will need two for the home theater and large rooms to achieve the surround-setup, for a better audio performance. it uses the wi-fi for connectivity. you can always check the company for more.

There are two version:

5. High-end speakers Under $500:

Bose and Bang & Olufsen Speakers:

Both the high end speakers in this list are recommended for smartphones and tablet use, but you can always use them for pc too, since they have the best sound quality in this entire list. the Bose speaker is looks perfect if you tried using it with a pc or laptop, but the B&O Speaker is mainly designed for an outdoor use and it will look weird using it with other big devices.

A quick note: All what is in this piece is from my opinion when it comes to ranking and what’s best, and from a research that I did. also the big show series website is supported mainly by users from ads to Amazon affiliate links.


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