After the big bang theory show ended, Fans have many questions about many topics and stories in the show many went unanswered and some, fortunately, got their answers in the Young Sheldon Show. A lot of them were related to Sheldon since the second show was mostly about him. Here are Five of them:

What Made Sheldon Hate Engineer?

In Young Sheldon, we got the answer to this one. Part of the answer was when he explained to Howard how he hated Engineering because of his teacher’s doing of closing the door and not letting him into the classroom when Sheldon wanted to tell him the answer to the task that he was struggling with.

Sheldon hate engineers, Young Sheldon Show
Image Credit: From Young Sheldon, Why Sheldon hate engineers.

The second part is where the saying “Engineering is a tedious job that even monkeys could do”. and that comes when Sheldon got the opportunity to be an assistant to a real professor.

At that time he was so excited to work in real science however he found out the truth about what the job of an assistant is. He got to clean and scrap thousands of bolts, that time when he come up with: “this is a job even monkeys could do or even worst an Engineer”.

What Made Sheldon offers Hot Beverages?

This has two parts also. First, his famous saying of when a friend is upset you offer them a hot beverage such as tea or coffee. in Young Sheldon: Sheldon’s rival was upset and crying because of her family situation and mostly about her parents’ divorce, Sheldon then offered her a hot tea then she says: “that would be nice”.

From Young Sheldon: When Sheldon’s rival is upset he offers her a hot beverage.

Second, it was emotional, Because of his dad, exactly when Sheldon was preparing the hot beverage for his Rival, His dad said to him that he is proud of him for what he did to help his friend through this hard time.

How was the relationship between Sheldon and His Dad?

Most of the time in the big bang theory, Sheldon was always saying negative things about his father and how he was an infidel and not trustworthy, leading fans to believe that his dad was a bad person.

Sheldon's dad, Young Sheldon Show
Image Credit: From Young Sheldon Show, Sheldon’s Dad

But, during Young Sheldon, it was completely the opposite and it turns out that Mr. cooper was a really good father and patient with his Son Sheldon, answering the very deep question, how was the relationship between the two before the incident? of his father being with another woman.

What Made Sheldon so Attached to Comic Books?

As Shown in Young Sheldon, He wasn’t so invested in reading comic books, when he was young. He was sold on the idea that those things are for kids not for him. Suddenly, when he was in a Psychiatrics’ office, an X-Men Comics caught his attention then he start reading the comic, and for some reason, he relate to the story, and ever since the boy was hooked on comics forever.

The comic that he read at that time was about young teenagers with powers that the world fears and misunderstood. He was thinking that his unusual intelligence was a superpower and people hated him for it.

Why Does Sheldon Loves writing Agreements?

The origin of his love for drawing contracts between two parties or more, comes from his aide to Meemaw and Dr. Sturges, on the ground rules of their courtship. since then Sheldon was using agreements to structure his world and keep things under his control.

Young Sheldon Show, Sheldon helping an Agreement.
Image Credit: From Young Sheldon Show, Sheldon helping an Agreement.

Like the roommate agreement, between him and Leonard to make it hard for the parties to turn back on their words. or the agreement between him and Amy about their relationship what she has to do, and what his duties are. Even Penny and Leonard asked him to prepare an agreement between them when things got complicated.

There are more questions about the big bang theory that Young Sheldon answered but these are the best and the most important, to better understand Sheldon’s character. Submit your best show to receive the next list of questions that were answered by Young Sheldon.

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