Since there are many TV shows these days, it’s hard to know which one is best for you, so the smartest way is to search for something you could enjoy watching based on your best shows that you Previously Enjoyed. Therefore, for this article, If you have watched the big bang theory series and loved it, there is no doubt that you will like these tv shows too.

How I met your mother

Image Credit: How I met your mother Show 2005.

The kind of similarity between this show and TBBT is that the main characters in the show are mostly single and always looking for their so-called soul mate. So, they often fall in and out of love, Just like Penny, Leonard, and Raj in the big bang theory.

The title “How I Met Your Mother”, comes from the fact that this show is a Father’s Story (Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor)) telling his kids about how he met their mother.

Call me Kat

call me Kat
Image Credit: Silicon Valley 2014.

If you remember Amy ..and there is no way you couldn’t, the main character in Call me Kat is no other than Mayim Bialik.

In this show, Mayim plays the role of a Cat Cafe owner, who is single and has an independent personality just like Amy when she was at her lab in the big bang theory. which is why we recommend this show, as well as adorable cats. However, the Show is not at the same level as the TBBT.

Silicon Valley

Trailer from Silicon Valley Season 2.

This one has that nerd side of the big bang theory. the show is about an introverted computer programmer and his “high IQ” friends, who happened to be looking to build their High tech gold rush.

They even live together just like Sheldon and Leonard. This show reminds me of the Military project moments in the big bang, Except this show is about Codes, not chemicals.

The Flight Attendant

the flight attendant
Image Credit: The Flight Attendant.

Remember that remorse about Penny being a spy and she just got involved with the guys ONLY to exploit their research to a third party, imagine that the FBI caught on and suspect penny, that is exactly how I see the Flight attendant show.

Even in this show, Cuoco played the role of an alcoholic flight attendant who got in trouble for sleeping next to a man who got killed, then the FBI started tracking her. The show’s genre is Comedy, Drama, Mystery, and Thriller.

The Part that is Similar to the big bang in this show is about penny’s sleeping and drinking habit that leads her to problems, except this time she is in major trouble.


One of the Most Similar Shows to Big Bang Theory.
Image Credit: FRIENDS SHOW

In this famous 90s tv show, the characters are more unique, each one has a problem in his personality just like Sheldon and the rest in the big bang. A lot of people compare FRIENDS to TBBT, they even put together scenes that almost looked like big bang copied from Friends.

The most outstanding similarity between the two is the strong friendship between the group and how they always hang out together during Christmas or thanksgiving (for example). and how they shoulder each other during the hard times.

Young Sheldon

young sheldon show
Image Credit: Young Sheldon Show.

I just have to include this one even if it was an obvious answer, and I think it is important to any big bang theory fan. to watch the Young Sheldon show to understand how Sheldon grow in Texas and to have the answer to some questions that left open after the Big Bang Theory Ended.

As you can see this list is not in order based on the best show they are more based on relevance and common ideas, between each show and the big bang theory show.

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