The Flight attendant is a Dark Comedy Drama TV Show, that the Big Bang Theory actress, Kaley Cuoco created, which was a success, and it draws a lot of attention with its mystery and FBI involvement.

The Show originally was limited to only one season but after the support from all the fans and the attraction that it gets upgraded to two seasons and probably 3 seasons.

But, at the moment, there aren’t any official updates about starting a new chapter. but the actress didn’t stop working and Now She is working on two new projects.

If you Liked the Flight attendant and you want to know if there are other TV Shows similar to it, I gathered 5 TV Show that has at least one similarity with the show that Kaley’s company produced.

1. Barry (2018).

The leading actor in this show, Bill Hader, was one of the Emmy award nomination winners for 2022. I can say the Number one on this list, and I think it is the most similar show to the Flight Attendant.

Barry TV Show
Image: Barry Tv Series

The Story is about a Low-level hitman, who travels to Los Angelos, to do someone else’s dirty work, and eliminate a target. But Once he gets into the city and follows his target he finds himself in an acting class where he is immediately drawn into the community and wanted to change his path. The Show has been released on March 25, 2018, and Got a good score on IMDB 8.4/10.

2. Suspicion (2022).

Suspicion tv series
Image: Suspicion tv Show

In the Show or If you have read the previous report about Kunal Nayyar, a big bang theory actor, known for playing Raj Koothrappali, You will recognize him in this show.

Because he is one of the suspects that were accused of committing an accusation similar to what happened to Cassie Bowden from the Flight Attendant.

3. Only Murders in the Building (2021).

Only Murders In The Building Tv show
Image: Only Murders in the Building tv series.

It’s a Comedy Mystery Show, where the suspect is among the investigators in a group of three people, who are living in the same section of the building. The three stars of the show were so into the true real crime and they accumulated a lot of knowledge about it.

The show is about how those three manage to find the murderer. This series is filled with lies and deceptions just like The Flight Attendant with a comedy attached to it. The Show was released on August 31, 2021, and have got a score of 8.1/10 on IMDB.

4. Truth Be Told (2019).

Truth Be Told Tv Series
Image: Truth Be Told Tv Show

You Might recognize the leading actress in this show because it also appeared in the big bang theory her name was Octavia Spencer she played (Poppy Parnell) in Truth be told Series.

In the Flight attendant, Cassie the main character of the show has been wrongfully accused of committing a felony, Just like in this series but its from the opposite direction, this time the plaintiff was maybe mistakenly accused and the main character is responsible and now is looking to clear the poor man’s name. The Show was released on December 6, 2019, and got a nice score of 7.1/10 on IMDB.

5. Yellowjackets (2018).

Yellowjackets tv show similar to the Flight Attendant
Image: Yellowjackets tv show

This one also involves a Plane, and Uncovering the Truth. The Show is about talented soccer players a group of young girls, who survived a devastating plane crash around Ontario wilderness, and fell into an area controlled by cannibalistic clans. The Series shows how they revealed the Truth about what happened to them during that time.

Note: About The Flight attendant Season 3.

There are more doubts than actual statements, the Platforms are ready to stream and work on the next season but the showrunners haven’t yet released any statement about whether they are working for a new chapter of Cassie Bowden’s Miserable life. If we get any news about the matter, we’ll update the page, just make sure to visit the Flight Attendant Season 3 Updates article for any new info.

What’s Next? If you want News Updates about the Flight Attendant check out the latest here in this Special Report. And if you are a fan of Kaley Cuoco the leading actress in this Series, You will be able to know more about her here in this Section of the Website.

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