Putting a character of an anime through a series of challenges is one of the ways to make the story more interesting to the watcher or in case it’s a manga to the reader, According to WikiHow. But to resonate with people you have to make it somewhat real, meaning related to real life experiences.

Which will lead to putting some takeaways in the anime, that might change your view in some aspects of life. To me, Anime is like a book, it also has a meaning, either bad or good.

So, from over 6000 anime, there are only +200 English Dubbed, I picked 10 anime that are both good and informative, and wrote the best takeaways and lessons I get from watching the anime.

Your lie in April (2014)

One of the saddest anime that ever created. The story of the boy that quit playing piano, due to the death of his mother, suddenly finds someone who pushes him to play again, then he faces another situation where the person he cares about dies.

Throughout the challenges and struggles that this anime have shown, I Concluded: “In life we gonna be surrounded by people we care about, they may die before you, and leave you, but no matter how many they die, death is an inevitable destiny of all beginning and things in this world, what you can do is to live your life to the fullest; and never quit when you are good at something, make the people you love proud with the life you have been given.”

Violet Evergarden (2018)

Best Drama anime, with a story after a war, about a girl who got saved by her superior. The kind of lesson I learned is: “If someone saves your life in exchange for his, that means he expects great things from you and he sees a potential in you that is greater than his.”

Steins Gate (2011)

Without a doubt, this anime is the most informative and complex of them all. It is filled with theories about Time leaping or Time Traveling. The lesson is: “Life is a series of circumstances, we influence the future of ours with our actions depending on what path we choose our future changes, so we are not controlled, we have the power to change.”

Dr. Stone (2019)

An amazing story of how technology disappears from the world and how a scientist is planning on how to bring everything back, from the stone world to the 21 century technology. My takeaway from this anime is: “no matter what you learn in life you will never know when it will come in handy, learning is a great thing, and you will never regret doing.”

ReLIFE (2016)

An anime about a magic pill that could turn people to their younger self. The anime shows how an old worker attends high school after swallowing it. The best lesson that I learned is: “there is no second chance in life, so it’s better to make the most out of it, especially youth, is the best time to learn more about people, science and the world.”

Remake Our Life! (2021)

This one is similar to Re:life in its message but the how is different, this time the protagonist goes back in time in a key decision about his path that he once made and changes it.

After watching the story of the anime will let you understand something more than ReLIFE that: “Do your Research before doing big life decisions like Careers and paths that you wanna chase after, Ask people and analyze your strengths and never undermine the import of this step, then once you make up your mind give it your best 100% effort, and never give up or regret the decision that you made, there is always a way to solve the problems in front of you.”

Kono oto tomarei: sounds of life (2019)

Excellent music anime, about a Club that persuades music using an Instrument that You might underestimate but the music that they make is incredible. The lesson from this one is: “You don’t get to Criticize talented people and make an excuse of not being talented in something, before Giving it your 100%.”

Komi can’t Communicate (2021)

It might be weird to make a comedy anime, something that gives life advice, but this one is different, the problem of communication is an issue that is holding many people back. The anime has an amazing emotional first episode, and a beautiful girl that suffers from what they call it Communication Disorder, she challenged her limits after meeting a classmate.

the message that this anime is presenting: “Sometimes all you need is someone who can push you a step forward, so asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.”

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level (2021)

Another funny anime that “shows how a step at a time can take you anywhere”. A girl that has been killing slimes and has harnessed her skills has become the most powerful mage, with small tasks everyday, for years.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (2018)

An Isekai Anime, where the creator of a game gets dragged to a world like the game he was making. The lesson is: “Exploring and traveling has a unique feeling. Life doesn’t mean to be held in one place, it is about making memories of the world we live in.”

Note: The animes that is being mentioning in this post are most likely to be unavailable in Netflix, most of them are either in Crunchyroll or Funimation, Also all of are English Dubbed so if English is your first that will be helpful.


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