One of Big Bang Theory’s funniest scenes is when the gang was doing games references or having a nice gaming night.

Because of the boys’ nerdy habits like reading comic books at Stuart’s store, games nights were very important to the gang. So, These are the best gaming moments in TBBT.

1. Penny got addicted to online Games.

Image: The Big Bang Theory Show, Penny Gaming on a Laptop.
Image: The Big Bang Theory Show, Penny Gaming on a Laptop.

On top of having heartbreak, Penny lost her apartment key, leaving her with no place to go, then Sheldon came in and offer to stay in their apartment, at that moment Sheldon was playing a game with the name Sheldor the conquer.

Seconds later, Sheldon introduced Penny to gaming. So, She started playing and Got addicted to the point where she forgot to work and was about to go on a date with Howard in the game.

2. Game Night – Boys vs Girls.

game night - The Big Bang Theory
Image: The Big Bang Theory Show, Boys vs. Girls Game Night.

This is the Best moment, when Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and Amy were having a Friendly competition on which team is the best at games, but this time they weren’t video games, they were old fashion games. Here the boys team lost to the girls with a landslide and that’s all thanks to Sheldon.

3. Sheldon lost to Penny in a Shooting Game.

Penny Playing Halo 3 with the Boys instead of Howard.

Sheldon always makes fun of Penny’s intelligence and her learning skills, but sometimes it backfires, almost immediately.

This time he underestimated her ability to play Halo 3 as Howard does, but he lost spectacularly to her. And considering Sheldon’s personality of hating to lose, he started making a scene.

4. Bernadette Playing With The Boys.

Bernadette Plays Games (Star Wars) Pew! Pew! Pew!

This one is a good one. When Howard invited Bernadette to the Star War Night, Raj was upset saying that this is supposed to be the boy’s weekend, but it was too late for that comment.

Bernie started playing star wars and making weird sounds (Pew! Pew! Pew!) Like a kid playing a first-player shooting game, then everyone was uncomfortable because of that sound.

5. Sheldon and Leonard Playing Archery.

Sheldon and Leonard Gaming and Playing Archery
Image: The Big Bang Theory Show, Sheldon and Leonard playing a video game.

When these two were playing Archery in a video game, instead of going outside and playing in real life Sheldon was acting like he is practicing archery for real.

Leonard couldn’t bear that so he asked him about then he responded that “Games creators can only go so far as creating this simulation so we have to do our part.”

6. Sheldon Playing Red Dead redemption.

SHeldon playing Red Dead Redemption
Image: The Big Bang Theory Show, Sheldon Playing RDR.

Sheldon got into a fight with Amy so he decided to drink his trouble away, but he can’t resist drinking the alcohol because it is bad for his health, So he tried to go on a walk in a video game to the bar and order a drink.

Leonard was arguing with him and trying to solve his situation, but Sheldon didn’t seem interesting to find a solution, Leonard then said, I’m just trying to help, After that Sheldon avoided replying by saying it’s just the alcohol talking (that he had in Red Dead redemption).

7. Fighting Over Missy Cooper.

The Boys playing a boxing game in the computer/PS4/XBOX over Missy Cooper.

To stop hitting on missy, Sheldon’s twin sister, at the same time Raj, Howard, and Leonard decided to fight over her in a more modern way. So, they picked boxing to settle the score and solve the issue, without fighting physically.

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