The Pandemic of the 2020, was a huge deal and affected the world of entertainment greatly. It turns many shows and anime into online watching from home. That aside, When we look at the Animes, it Actually has a lot of them that resemblance to the 2020-2021 Events. And for the past decade of us watching many of Them, we come across a number of good Animes that have a Story that looks like 2020 Year. Where Humanity faces the Danger of Being Extinct. So, We choose 10 Anime of them.

1. Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress

In a World were Creatures appeared out of nowhere called Kabane, that feed on the humans and turn them into one of their kind. People learned how to fight them and prepared fortresses and Strongholds for humans to live in and prevent them from going Extinct. One these Fortresses is a Moving Train, Called The Iron Fortress. The Protagonist of the Anime who got bitten by one of them turned into a Creature that is not a Kabane nor Human Called Kabaneri. Later he discovered that he wasn’t the only one who had the power of Kabane and was still human. and that is where the story begins of the Iron Fortress, the last hope of humanity.

The Pandemic: People Turning into a Kabane (a Monster Similar to Zombies but worst).

2. Parasyte

In a single night, the city that we once knew turned upside down, after mysterious creatures called parasites, fell from the sky and changed the world. They take over the human brain and eat humans to survive. they blend in society and start causing deaths left and right. Putting humans on the road to destruction. The story is about a High schooler called Shinji. Who was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get their brains eaten by the Parasite. and that is what led him to learning the truth about these creatures.

The Pandemic: A Strange Creature falling from the Sky Called Parasites.

3. Guilty Crown

On Christmas was the day that the world changed completely, By the sister of the Protagonist, Shu Oma. an Apocalypse virus Spread throughout the entire world. that turns humans into a Glass or something, to eventually getting extinct. The virus needs to be prevented by the vaccine or it’s too late. The people who are registered are people who are vaccinated and the ones who aren’t are the people who didn’t get the vaccine and are probably hosting the virus. The country divided them and separated the areas. (This anime has the most related story to the current events that’s happening in the real world.)

The Pandemic: the Apocalypse Virus.

4. Black Bullet

The name comes from the bullets that were made by Varanium. In this Anime there was something called Gastrea, and that’s the name of the person who was infected with a Parasitic Virus and turned into a Creature that Kills Humans. Humans were facing death every day by one of these parasites who managed to pass the walls that were made by Varanium to prevent more deaths, and Prevent Humans from going Extinct. According to

The Pandemic: Transformation Virus, and what it does is Turning People who Got Bitten from human to a Gastrea, It Called a parasitic virus.

5. Psycho-Pass

A lot of us fear AI or AI controlling humans, in this Anime that is the exact thing that will happen. the laws are made with AI, the Judgements are made by AI. and for crimes punishments are decided by AI. A world representing a bad version of the future where AI controls humans.

The Pandemic: AI Controlling Human Brains.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo was one of the strongest strongholds for a race called Ghouls, and they devoured humans for their survival. But that wasn’t the only case. There were a lot of deaths within the country of japan coming from these ghouls and their sole purpose was entertainment. That’s where the Humans are facing the risk of being exterminated by these creatures.

The Pandemic: A New Race that Feeds on Human Flesh, Called Ghouls.

7. Demon Slayer

In the Peaceful world, a Boy named Kanjiro was living his life with his poor family. After the death of his father, he became the only source of income for his young brothers and sisters. One day everything turned around, his whole family was killed, and the last survivor was his sister, who was turned into a Demon by an unknown attacker. that when the story of the strongest demon slayer begins.

The Pandemic: Demon Transformation, Turning Humans into Demons. by a Certain Someone to Devour all Humans.

8. Attack on Titan

Behind the walls of Kingdom lays the last hope of humanity, or that’s what it looked like Before Season 3 and 4. Where going outside of that zone means a high risk of getting eaten by Titans Surrounding the walls, looking to devour any human they can see.

The Pandemic: It only lasts during the first three seasons. Then after that it shows these Titans are actually Weapons, Being Used for war between Nations.

9. Eighty Six: 86

In a Divided Nation where Colors of Skin and Hair Determine your Status, and what kind of lifestyle you will have. Humanity used whoever hasn’t a White Hair and Skin. to fight the Robots that are Invading their Territory with the sole purpose of Destroying Humanity and Collecting Heads of their Victims.

The Pandemic is: AI Invasion of the Humans, and turn their brains into a core to operate Specific machines .

10. The Rising of The Shield Hero

One of the best Isekai anime, Released in 2019, the story of 4 heroes who were summoned by a Country from another world. The shield hero was one of them, their job was to fight the monsters brought to their world by the Waves of Catastrophe.

The Pandemic is: The Waves of Catastrophe, that bring Various Monsters to the human towns.


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