According to Voice of Action, Anime watchers number is growing so fast, we can see that in Japan 33% of its people watch anime, which this country is considered the Heart of all Anime, with a record production of more than 3000 anime being produced in Japan. In the USA there are 18% of its people who watch anime. and for Spanish people there are 17 Million which is also considered a high number of population.

Therefore, by looking at the recent Years, we noticed a record in watch time, during a specific time of the year, and that is, Watching anime during a Holiday. Which is a common practice within the anime lovers community, and especially at night, during the day we may be shopping which a lot of us do, Now like our recommendations for the tv shows that you can watch during Halloween, This is our pick for best anime to watch for Holidays, the first 10 anime are for all holidays except for Halloween, because this one require a different mode and type of anime, So we prepared another 10 anime for just Halloween days.

10 Anime to Watch During Christmas, New Year days, Valentine’s Day.

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

One of the most relaxing and funniest anime in the world that was ever produced. We recommend this one for Christmas and New years days. the story of this actually it all said it on the title of this anime. it’s a Princess of the humans who happens to be abdicated by the demon lord, then locked in a prison within the demon Castle. The Objective of her days, all the Episodes is to find a way to relax, while remaining in the castle.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

There isn’t much to say about this anime except, Its one of the best Romantic yet Funniest Anime out there, it’s a harem anime, with a protagonist with 5 troublemakers that happen to be Quintuplets. this anime we recommend during Christmas also, and Valentine’s Days. nothing in this anime is so extreme a simple family friendly anime Series, (if you are wondering).

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Love is War, putting this in the title could be confusing. At first glance, We thought this anime is Just a common boring love story, but it turns out to be one of the best at making people laugh. it actually has a high rating and people across the internet are recommending it too. We actually see this anime is best for Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s day.

Wise Man’s Grandchild

This one might be a magic, action anime but it has a lot of romance involved, between the Grandchild and one the girl nobles. So you guessed it, this one is for Valentine’s day.

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Another Romance Anime, and Relaxing too, nothing Crazy, perfect for a peaceful day during the Christmas, and Valentine. This anime is actually an Isekai anime that is one of the best for 2021 Isekai anime. The story begins when two girls are transported to another world that they don’t know about, and to make things worse they find out that only one of them is the real Saint and the Second was summoned by Mistake.


This is not an Anime Series, it’s an Anime Movie, One of the Best out there. This one is best for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and New Years. The story of this one is about a boy and a girl switching bodies, from two different places, if you watch it you will add something to this one. We just don’t like spoilers, we don’t want to ruin the experience, so we leave it to that. The anime is perfect for new years, and Valentine’s Day.

Your Name

This is not an Anime Serie its an Anime Movie, One of the Best out there. this one is best for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Years. the story of this one is about boy and a girl switching bodies, from two different places, if you watch it you will add something to this one, we just don’t like spoilers, we don’t want to ruin the experience, so we leave it to that. the anime is perfect for new years, and Valentine’s Day.

Boarding School Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Comedy Romance Story, Another twisted story of the legendary story Romeo & Juliet. From the name it’s obvious that this anime belongs to Valentine’s Days.

We Never Learn

One of the Top Ranking Comedy anime, the story of the anime is about a high schooler and two girls geniuses the first in conquered math and the second conquered Storytelling. the problem they both suck at each other’s fields which they want to actually study. this anime is so funny, this one however is recommended for Christmas and New Years.


Do you want to go back to High School? If so, this anime is for you. one of the funniest anime with great life lessons. The story is about a pile that was being tasted that can turn old people to their younger version for a limited time.

AS for Halloween Holiday, it’s a Different Kind of Vibe, People Tend to Watch Scary things, Something that level up your Adrenaline. For Anime There isn’t much. but There are 10 Anime we Recommend Watching for this Occasion:

10 Anime to watch During Halloween Days.


My Favorite Horror Anime. the story about a myth that causes deaths around a Countryside Highschool to be specific around a special Classroom where the classmates have to choose and treat a classmate like they never existed or the legend will become true and cause tragedy to themselves and their families.

Deadman Wonderland

Horror type of anime, the story is about a prison that is conducting a death match between prisoners who are reported in the society as dead. The protagonist of the anime got smashed with their classmates at school, was given a mysterious blood ability from the killer, then got thrown inside the prison where the death matches are being held.

Sankarea: Undying Love

The Zombie Girlfriend, it sounds like a weird thing to do in an anime about it, especially where the story is about a weirdo who loves zombies to the point where he wishes to have a zombie girlfriend. and as a typical anime his wish comes true.

Jujutsu Kaizen

One of the best anime in 2020-2021. The Anime is about Curses and Sorcerers, to be specific an Academy of Sorcerers. The protagonist is being possessed by one of the most powerful evil spirits. I think any more talking will be a spoiler at this point. If you like this type of anime you should figure out the rest by watching it. The anime is not finished yet for now, and it will have another season in upcoming years.


A Netflix Series, One of the best Vampire anime in the world, it is very popular. Because of the story, about the famous vampire Dracula. it’s a horror Anime but more of Vampire/Destruction.

Ajin: Demi Human

You can say that this one is a Horror anime, but more Demons and Action. It’s a Story about a boy who was turned into an Ajin, a person with super ability, who looked like a demon. in the Anime they say it’s a Military’s Secret Weapon.

Angels of Death

This one is about a girl who found herself in a Building, Each floor has a super villain like a boss. The anime is a horror anime too, it has a strong vibe of a Halloween Style Kind of Series to watch.

Tokyo Ghoul

I think this will be a second in my list, as the Second Favorite Anime on this list. The Story is about another race that feeds on Human kind, the protagonist is a human, who was attacked by a female ghoul and got himself badly injured. The surgery turned him into a ghoul. this is the start, but the anime actually has 4 Seasons Each season with 12 Episodes. and it has a really deep black side of that city, which could be Tokyo. and that is where the name comes from: Tokyo Ghoul.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

In 2016, This anime is considered as the second most popular anime after Attack on Titan. the story of the Iron Train Fortress. A Disease that turn people into a Kabani, to put it simply, it similar to Zombies. and the way that the protagonist and his fellas thinks of doing is to just get on board that fortress train to escape from the disease after being spread through the entire Country, Which also by the way, affected the protagonist of the Anime and turned him into Kabaneri.

Parasyte: The Maxim

A Pandemic Style Anime. Where a surprise phenomena happened to humankind throughout the entire world. The Protagonist is a high schooler who got infected with a parasite, but didn’t get his mind stolen from him by that thing. then become nor human nor a parasite.


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