Is there any American-made anime? Yes, of course, there are two well known anime that were produced in America (meaning USA), According to Wikipedia. The Animes are: Castlevania with its complete 4 seasons, and The Witcher: the Night of the Wolf an anime that was launched after a successful two seasons from a tv show; The Witcher, in 2019.

It may sound weird since most anime fans tend to be from the Easter countries, however that changes in the last decades when more people from the western developed countries start showing affection for the anime work. And that when American companies started producing their own Animes since it is both profitable and easy to spread the western culture with. The company was called Netflix, and it was the same one who produced the two American-made animes.

Anime characters from Castlevania and The Witcher: the nightmare of the Wolf.
Anime characters from Castlevania and The Witcher: the nightmare of the Wolf.

Castlevania | Anime with 4 SEASONS

Even though it was one of the best Animes, Netflix claimed that it wasn’t suitable for the younger audience who are less than 18 years old, due to constant aggressive and violence scenes.

However, the Anime gained attraction as soon as it released its first season, mainly, I think because of the main character who was well known in the western and eastern fairy tales, it was called Dracula.

Another thing that might have been an influence in its popularity aside from the story and the well Designed graphics, is the recent launch of a game called Castlevania. It was a hit at that time, even though they had completely different stories; the fact remains that they share the same name.

The anime story is completely different from the game, this time the one that is doing the hunting is not Dracula, they are a group of people: which are the main characters of this story. First: Trevor Belmont, a Monster hunter from the Belmont family; Second, a Witch, Sypha Belnades. And Dracula’s Son, Alucard.

With these Many MCs the anime was never boring, in fact, it was satisfying with an incredible ending, completely unexpected. (Available on Netflix)

The Witcher stories were always really interesting, and no matter the work, it always comes on the top, and drives a large audience and fans. For Example there was a game called The Witcher from 1 to 3, the game has been the best seller each time they release a chapter.

Then Netflix came in and released The Witcher Series with two seasons, starting in 2019, even though the Show is still not complete yet the company announced another season due to the massive number of fans.

This Anime is a unique one since it was one of the few who got Produced in the United States. Its story evolve around a certain Witcher who hunt monsters, or that was the Witcher’s job to begin with, anyway, his past was so miserable, witch led him from the pile of desperations, to seek out the way of the Witcher, and he reaches his goal by passing its exams and becoming one of the strongest in the clan. (Available on Netflix)

anime Characters from: Black lagoon, Code Geass, Psycho pass
Characters from: Black lagoon, Code Geass, Psycho pass

In the last decade, Anime has become more and more popular. In the last stats, the number of people watching anime in America is About 18%, and that is what led to a growing number in English-Dubbed anime. According to Voice of Action.

Demon Slayer

The best anime in 2019, according to IMdb. and personally i think it’s the best anime i have ever watched so far. The action in this anime is incredible, the design looks old but actually very advanced reflecting the era of the anime timeline. The anime holds its own against most successful Animes like Gintama and Attack on Titan during the pandemic and 2021-2022. (Available on Netflix)

Attack on titan

Most people know this one since it is the most popular by far. And even takes 1st place during the pandemic in tv streaming, against major companies and films in the united states.

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the anime, and the most powerful titan rising up against the world who locked his people inside the walls, for generations. The anime ends in 2022, and it’s been around for more than 9 years (launched in 2013.) (Removed from Netflix) (Available on Amazon Prime)

Code Geass

No wonder it got the attention of the strongest nation in the world, since it is about world dominations and conquering. Despite being so old, (launched in 2006) the anime got massive fans and watch time until today.

Its story is about the 13 princes of Britannia (the strongest nation in the world) who got abandoned in japan as a political tool. The story starts after getting his hands on a superpower called geass, leading to launching his plan to take revenge on his homeland. (Available on Netflix)

The rising of the shield hero

Also, another legendary anime, but this time is an Isekai one. The main character of this anime who got transferred to another then got tricked and robbed from all his possessions. He is one of the heroes that came from another world, he was called the Shield hero. The anime is the journey of him rising from the ground to the strongest and most respectable hero, of them all. (Removed from Netflix) (Available on Amazon Prime)

Sword art online

Anime reflects the vision of the games companies, where they can put people inside a game. The anime is about a VRMMo who trapped people inside a game and the objective of the player is to clear the game in order to escape it. (Available on Netflix)

Black lagoon

An anime about a Mafia Group that work as mercenaries and smugglers, around the world. And a mere salaryman who works in a corporate job, got trapped and mixed with their business, then became one of them, after he found that his company labeled him as a dead person. (Available on Netflix)


Sci-fi/Police anime about the worst possible future vision of the world controlled by AI, where all Laws and judgments made by AI, behind the shadows. A woman was hired recently and started her job as a policeman.

The judgments and laws triggered concerns and suspicions, about how the system works, which led to an investigation into who is really issuing those orders. (Removed from Netflix) (Available on Amazon Prime)

Terror in Resonance

A story about a high school girl, who got mixed in a terror bombing attacks, with the purpose of making a statement to their government without killing innocents. The girl got involved with the actual attackers, and started the journey of hanging out around them. (Removed from Netflix) (Available on Funimation)


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