From over 6000 anime that were created in the world, only +200 get Dubbed to English, According to Crunchyroll. A very few numbers compared to the Total Growing number of anime. Anyway, those that have been chosen to be dubbed to English are the best of the best. Despite all of that, there are some boring ones for me. If you like Action, horror, mystery, superpower, and Mecha Animes, I think you will find these very interesting. Also I recommend those to Americans since they has a lot of Western Culture in them.

Let’s start with some action and Mecha Anime (meaning the anime story evolve around robots and AI) like: Code Geass, Aldnoah Zero, and Gundam 00.

Anime characters from: Gundam 00, Aldnoah.Zero
Anime characters from: Gundam 00, Aldnoah.Zero

Code Geass

One of the few that is still being watched even after 16 years, from launching it. The show is about a charismatic protagonist and the 13 princes in the strongest empire in the world who wished to be destroyed by him. The anime is: the story of how he destroyed the world and Created a new one. One of the things that helps him is a supernatural power called Geass, it was given to him by a Witch called (C2).

An astonishing story, with amazing anime graphics and details. One of the rarest Mecha anime that got high rating, and fans even if they didn’t like robot anime, due to the combination of Mecha, romance and drama in one anime. The story is about how a normal boy in the military shines in the battlefield after outsmarting the overpowered mobile suits with the Noah Reactor.

Gundam 00

There are actually two Gundam anime Series that I think are worth watching, that are not for kids, they are: the Gundam 00, and Gundam Unicorn. Those two have an interesting story because it involves world invasion by Aliens and world domination by radical adversaries.

Best Anime about mafia and guns tend to attract a lot of gun lovers fans, due to the level of action and drama in them. like: Jormungand, Black Lagoon and Gangsta.

Anime Characters from Jormungand, Gangsta.
Anime Characters from Jormungand, Gangsta.


Or the world serpent, Gun lovers will love this anime, since it’s kind of behind the scene of gun trading, not like the reality but it certainly feels like it. The story here is about an arms dealer who hates guns and weapons. Her objective is a mystery, and what’s in her mind is a complicated plan. She puts together a team acting as her Elite bodyguards while traveling the world for the next business Dealing in the arm industry, Fueling wars and countries with advanced weapons.

Black Lagoon

If I had to put together a list of similar animes to this one I would definitely have Jormungand, and Gangsta in the first place. However, the story in the three anime are windows to different parts of the underworld of crime, mafia, governments and wars. This one is about a group of mercenaries traveling the world to either smuggle weapons or deliver messages by killing other people in the process. And sometimes acting as bodyguards for important underworld officials.


A group of two Mercenaries, who got hired by different mafia and police to investigate and kill criminals and troublemakers in the town for profit, one of the boys is considered one the strongest and part of a faction in the military.

Horror anime are probably one of the least things people will start searching for, Due to their previous Experiences with Them, But these are different: The Promised Neverland, Another, Parasyte and Tokyo Ghoul.

Anime characters from: The Promised Neverland, Another.
Anime characters from: The Promised Neverland, Another.

The Promised Neverland

This one is a true horror anime, and has one of the scariest stories. Unlike Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte, which have romance involved. The Promised Neverland is more like Another, where they are more focused in the horror scenes.

The Amazing story is about Children of an Orphan in the middle of nowhere. Every time they have reached a certain age they get transported out of the mansion and never come back again. Later the two of them manage to know the truth about the fate that awaits them, behind those walls, once they reach the requirement.


My favorite horror anime and the first anime that I have watched on the internet.
Honestly, I think it’s not suitable for young people since I experienced the consequences first hand, by nightmares. Anyway, the story is about a girl who can see the color of people before they die, and a legend about a specific classroom in high school town.


This anime is one of the closest to the pandemic, where people are in danger of getting exterminated by foreign adversaries. The story is about how a high schooler manages to coexist with a ruthless human killing parasite, and join forces to stop those aliens from ending the human race.

Tokyo Ghoul

It gets a lot of criticism from its first season. Due to the ending, it is kind of disappointing but after the release of the second and rest people start watching more of it and their opinions have dramatically increased.

If you have never watched Tokyo Ghoul, it’s about a human boy who encounters a ghoul and barely stays alive, then gets organs transferred to him, from that ghoul turning his entire world upside down, between human and ghoul. His journey is filled with agony and challenges.


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