Even though the Big Bang Theory (TBBT) has ended, people are still fond of its cast members, Especially, Sheldon and Penny. Both characters are extremely unique, which raises questions about these two within TBBT Fan Communities. This piece lays the answer to eight questions about one of the most unique personas in TBBT, Sheldon Cooper.

Why did Sheldon stop saying Bazinga?

According to an interview with The actor who played Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), He said, out of fear of ruining his career, like Jimmy Walker the actor on TV show Good Time. According to him, this actor has lost his career due to the writers who gave him the catchphrase “Din-O-Mite.”

From the Big Bang Theory Show: Sheldon Saying his famous catch phrase BAZINGA

Why does Sheldon knock 3 times?

It seems that all of Sheldon’s problems are coming from his childhood trauma.
The knocking ritual he uses is no exception. According to what Sheldon says to penny. He confesses that he finds his father in the forbidden act (cheating on his mother).

Sheldon later blamed himself for the accident instead of his father, saying it happened because he didn’t knock enough times. So, he decided to not fall in the same mistake again by giving the people enough time to get ready by knocking three times before opening the door.

Why does Sheldon wear two shirts?

The best guess is: that It’s comfortable and it gives me flexibility for temperature changes. Plus to wear his favorite T-shirts, in winter the environment can be really cold, so wearing a T-shirt alone is not a good idea, so he wears two shirts to avoid getting sick.

Why does Sheldon wear two shirts with different colors?

Because colors often represent emotions and modes, Sheldon uses that reference to express his feelings or state of mind with colors rather than words. The Colors are (but not limited to): Green is courage, yellow is fear, blue is hope and red is anger.

Why does Sheldon hate engineers?

When Sheldon was just 12 years old, he was attending east Texas tech, during his time learning there, Sheldon faced a task that was given to him, by his teacher, to construct a bridge. Surprisingly, Sheldon fails and no matter what he did he can’t seem to figure out how to make it right.

His arrogance and ego at that time had taken a serious blow, because his teacher didn’t let that slide and made sure that Sheldon understood that he failed at that task. Leaving the boy with a scar that led him to hate engineers for the rest of his life.

Did Sheldon Hate Howard?

No, Despite all the teasing, Suffering and Humiliation that Howard goes through, because of Sheldon. Sheldon admitted to Howard that he absolutely has nothing to do with him.

Sheldon thinks of engineers as people who can only do tedious menial jobs that monkeys can do, (which is not true) that was his way to undermine the importance of engineers.

Why does Sheldon hate change?

Because Sheldon is, as you know, a very arrogant guy, who doesn’t want to admit that he has flaws plus a very disturbing attitude and unbearable behaviors.

However despite all of that Sheldon still manages to change a few of his actions, either when debating with others or compromising, for what he says for the sake of others.

What Does 73 Means To Sheldon?

The simplest answer would be that he loved the number of his birth year, 1973. But Unfortunately, Sheldon is not a simple character, and he wouldn’t be interested in a birth year number, that reminds him that he has only a few friends.

From The Big Bang Theory Show: Sheldon Revealing what he Thought is the Best Number.

He loves making things complicated and more annoying, plus thinking outside the box of normal human beings. Sheldon Explained how 73 is a special number and 21st prime number (in episode 73). According to Sheldon “73 its mirror is 37, it is 12th and its mirror is 21, which is the product of multiplying 7 and 3.” and “ in binary 73 is a palindrome, 1001001, which also can be read backwards is 1001001.”



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