After the show ended, it lefts many questions unanswered and unaddressed circulating on social media. Some questions are bizarre but most of them are reasonable to ask and deserve a clear answer. Here are 8 Best unanswered Questions about the Big Bang Theory:

What Happened To Howard’s Dad? and How Howard dealt with his Father’s Departure?

One of the stories in the big bang theory is How Howard’s dad left his wife and son at a very young age, letting the mother raise Howard Wolowitz all by herself, which has a lot of sensitive moments. But, the question is what happened to his father afterward, although the show addressed the issue, but, the answer has never been revealed.

Image Credit: from Big bang theory, Letter from Howard’s dad.

During an episode in Season 6, Sheldon Uncovered a letter to Howard containing the answer to what happened to Howard’s dad after his Departure, but unfortunately, the boy refuses to know the details of the letter and ultimately did not let the fans know the answer.

What did Howard’s Mom Look like?

Mrs. Wolowitz’s face has never been revealed during the show and kept unknown until she died causing a very emotional and heartbreaking moment in the big bang theory, especially when the real actress died that day, which somehow makes the acting more real than performing.

There is some remorse around saying that the photo of her has been revealed but it was really blurry and hard to say. aside from the show the fans of the show know the identity of the voice, which is Carol Ann Susi.

Will Howard Get His PHD?

Throughout the show until the end, Howard was mocked and humiliated and made fun of him for not getting a Ph.D., Many times were caused by Sheldon Cooper. The Only hope is to find an answer somewhere in the Young Sheldon show.

But Many Fans of the show are saying he will not earn his Ph.D. due to the fact that he has many kids which may interfere with his studies.

Image Credit: From The Big Bang Theory Show, when Howard an Engineer being mocked by Sheldon Cooper and Sheldon’s boss at work.

How did Leonard and Penny do as parents and what kind of parents did they become?

Seeing Howard and Bernadette living as a married couple and Raising Kids made us wonder what the other recent married couples like Leonard and Penny will be like as Parents.

Unfortunately, we will never know the answer since the show is ended but it will be a lot of fun seeing them as parents.

What is the Last name of Penny?

Even though in the last season of the Big bang theory, Penny was called Penny Hofstadter, since she is married at that time, her actual Last name is still a mystery until this day, Maybe the answer will be somewhere in the Young Sheldon show.

Image Credit: from Big bang theory, Penny at episode 100.

Will the relationship between Leonard and His Mom Going to improve?

The Relation between Leonard and his mom is almost like the relationship between a mad scientist and his monkey. during the show, the odd conversion between Leonard’s mom and her son was so bad even after the boy got married. Many fans were looking for the episode where their relationship gets elevated a little but the show ended before that happened.

What Kind of Parents do Sheldon and Amy Turn out to be?

We all know that Sheldon Cooper is like a child and has some issues that he needs to work on, even so, it will be very interesting to know how he will behave as a parent, the best guess will be he will trait his child like Leonard’s mom do to her son.

Image Credit: from Big bang theory, when first met .

What Career Did Amy and Sheldon take after Winning the Nobel Prize?

A lot of fans were unsatisfied with the ending of the big bang theory, because of the unanswered questions like what happened to Amy and Sheldon after winning the Nobel prize that will be a very interesting thing to know, especially since Sheldon is one of the main character if not the Main Character.

Image Credit: from Big bang theory, Sheldon and Amy won the noble prize.
Image Credit: from Big bang theory, Sheldon and Amy won the noble prize.

Overall, the show was a big hit making many people laugh while addressing a lot of social issues that we have in our western society. If you like to know what you could learn from the Big bang theory Visit: the 16 Lessons from the Big bang theory show.

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