There are things in the big bang theory show that made whoever watched it, can help but love the show. From special moments to story elements that made a huge difference in how the audience reacted to the show.

Some of which fans have publicly admired and loved, for example: the friendship between the cast members off-screen and on-screen, the science references, and scientific theories.

The Friendship between Characters

From the way they fight to the way they care for each other, the big bang theory show revealed many essences of friendship that society needs between its people. like don’t hold a grudge against a friend for making a silly joke about you, Always say what is on your mind, and never let your fear control you.

 the Big bang theory Show, Members Gathering.
Image Credit: From the Big bang theory Show, Members Gathering.

Sheldon makes a lot of rude comments about Howard, Leonard’s career, and penny’s intellect level but none of them hold it against him they understand what kind of person he is, so they never hold any kind of resentment against him that will broke their relationship.

The Nerd Culture

Fans mostly relate to this one a lot, since everyone in school has had someone they know being bullied for being a nerd all the time.

The show puts together several kinds of nerds, their habits and practices: there is the gaming nerd when all the boys get together to play a game for hours, or study nerd which is in all the boys because they all have high education levels, comic nerd like cosplay in Halloween.

Image Credit: From the Big bang theory Show, Game time.

The relationship between Sheldon and Penny

Something about the relationship between Penny and Sheldon added real nice chemistry to the show. It shows a real friendship between the two, especially in the early seasons, they fight, argue, and comment on each other’s stupid actions.

Image Credit: From the Big bang theory Show, Penny and Sheldon.

Like that time when Penny asked Sheldon about if Leonard find her boring or stupid, then she said she only lied about completing community college to sound smart. Sheldon responded: “do you think that smart is graduating from a community college?”

Or when they were fighting and Penny ruined Saturday night of Sheldon, then he hung her clothes in the telephone wire.

Smart Show Even smart people can relate

With all the scientific references, theories, and formulas the show turned out to be a show where even smart people can watch and relate. The producers even claimed that they hired a real scientist to verify and proof the formulas in Sheldon’s board. Except for one time where the show takes a formula as a reference from another show.

In another point of view, Most of the time people who have high grades often were bullied at school a lot because they are not the time to fight, like Sheldon and Leonard, when they went to take back Penny’s money from her boyfriend or to recover Sheldon’s wow account.

Guest Members

Throughout the show, we encountered many celebrities, Hollywood stars, entrepreneurs, physicists, and innovators. the most outstanding ones are: “Will Wheaton, star actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX CEO), Stephen Hawking, English theoretical physicist, co-founder of Microsoft, and many others.”

Image Credit: From the Big bang theory Show, Guest members.

Fans loved most of the Guest members who joined the Big Bang Theory, It was a real blessing to have big names like these show up in a comedy show like this one.

People Can See themselves in the characters

For any show to succeed the audience must relate to it and to be loved they have to see themselves in the character of the story, and that happened by making the show more realistic as much as possible.

Emotional Moments

These are the special moments and events that are hard to forget, like Howard’s song to Bernadette (If I didn’t have), Howard’s mom Died and Sheldon’s Friendship advice, Penny getting tired of Handsome guy with a six-pack, how Leonard comfort her, Sheldon’s proposal to Amy, Leonard’s Marriage to Penny, Sheldon and Amy won the Nobel Prize.

Image Credit: From TBBT, Penny having a hard time and Amy comfort her. Howard playing a song for Bernadette.

If you like to know more about the Big bang theory and its cast members’ behind the scenes visit this special section where you can all things related to this show.

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