Have you ever found yourself watching the same scene multiple times in one sitting, or whenever it pops up in your YouTube or Facebook feed? If you so, those special moments are rare and very rewatchable due to the level of uniqueness and how much they resonate with the fans. Out of many enjoyable scenes and moments in the Big Bang Theory Show, I picked the 7 Most Rewatchable ones and share them with you in this post.

Game Night:

One of the most fun moments to watch in the show. The best scenes on this night are either where Sheldon messes with Howard and Raj because they were spaying on him due to their curiosity about why he is entering a specific room each day. So, Sheldon Faked a wormhole in that room and has Raj and Howard in shock at what they were watching.

Boys vs Girls Game Night from the big bang theory.

The best moment is when Penny, Amy, Leonard, and Sheldon decided to play a game where the teams are Boys vs Girls. the boys lost spectacularly, Due to Sheldon’s nerd side when trying to explain things or his low physical ability because of his lack of training.

Relaxed Sheldon:

It is not a very popular moment but you will never get tired of re-watching it. In this scene, we got glimpses of what easy-going Sheldon would look like. Because of the Nature of Sheldon’s character he is always on the edge, always going extreme on his plans, and overthinks stuff too much making him annoying. So it is a nice break and very refreshing as well as very entertaining moments to see Sheldon drops that attitude a bit.

The Elevator:

There are two scenes here that are very memorable, the first is when Sheldon saves Leonard’s life from a dangerous explosion due to Leonard’s miss calculation in his formula. This incident caused a defect in the building’s elevator due to the blow. which made everyone in that block to take the stairs.

the Elevator before and after it is Fixed.
Image credit: from the big bang theory the Elevator before and after it is Fixed.

The Second is when the Elevator Got Fixed and everyone was happy except for Sheldon due to his hatred towards change. Then later he comes along and accepted the reality (This scene is in the latest season of the Big bang theory).

Howard’s Mom Died:

Even though this moments were very emotional, especially when it is related to the death of the actual actress, the cast members were having some feelings about the matter. it was contains some funny moments here and there, those mixed emotions what led this particular scene to be one of the best rewatchable moments.

“If I didn’t have you” Song:

I think nobody is going to deny that this moment is one of the best. If I have to rank these moments by the best one, I think I’m going to pick this one after, game night.

the Big Bang Theory the romantic song scene.
Image Credit: From the Big Bang Theory the romantic song scene.

This is where Bernadette goes sick before the anniversary of her and Howard being together. Howard decided to do something romantic to express his gratitude and appreciation for meeting with her. So, He decided to write a song for Bernadette. If you like to re-watch this scene again you can do so, on YouTube.

Howard’s Magic Tricks:

Since Sheldon always bullies Howard and makes fun of him for either being an Engineer or a Jew. It is always enjoyable to see Howard pay Sheldon back for his Treatment to him.

Howard intimidate Sheldon for not figuring out how he is doing His magical Tricks.
Image Credit: from Big Bang Theory Howard intimidate Sheldon for not figuring out how he is doing His magical Tricks.

One of the best moments is when Sheldon couldn’t figure out how Howard is doing his Magic Tricks. So, the engineer (nerd) took advantage of the situation and started playing with Sheldon’s emotions.

Why? Can’t He sit somewhere else?

It is safe to assume that Sheldon Cooper has a spot complex, he even admitted his Attachment to the Spot is greater than loving his mom.

From the Big Bang Theory, a Compilation of Sheldon’s obsession to spot

But the moment that I’m talking about is when Penny Repeats the entire explanation about why Sheldon can sit somewhere else, To Bernadette when she attempts to take Sheldon’s place on the couch (when she first came to the meetup place for the first time.

These moments were extraordinary due to either the level of comedy in them, Romantic affection, or Drama. If you like to see more like these rare Moments visit: The Big Bang Theory Section where you can find many articles that might interest you.

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