If you are a regular big bang theory fan, you will be aware that Sheldon is being controlled by his own habits and he gets upset whenever someone made him break his routine. Throughout the show, fans identify many of his habits, these are seven of them:

Knocking 3 Times on Doors

Ever since Sheldon found out about his dad’s misbehavior, it left deep emotional damage. He decided then, to always knock three times before opening any door. until it become a habit that he couldn’t let go of.

Image credit: from the big bang theory when Sheldon was knocking in the doors.

Hate to Change

These were highlighted many times during the show, the best scenes that stand out are: 1st, when Penny started a fight with Sheldon and made him miss his Saturday Laundry night.

Image credit: from the Big bang theory season 12.

And 2nd, this is when He won the Nobel Prize, then everything around him starts to change even the elevator started working again, Sheldon couldn’t take that so he started to panic and ran away, that’s when he also admitted that he hate to change.

Always searching for the optimal spot in the room

This is my spot, when of the famous words Sheldon uses to describe his affection for the best spot in the room, either when he is in his apartment all the boys and girls know that you don’t want to mess with his spot.

Funny Moment from the Big bang theory, When Sheldon tries to find the best sit in the Movie Theater.

The funniest moments are: when Sheldon tries to find the best sit in a movie theater. or when he was searching for the best site in Penny’s Apartment.

Sheldon Loves Comic Books

If you have watched Young Sheldon you will know when he started loving comic books. At first, Sheldon wasn’t the time of person that read comics, he even scolded his best friend Tim for reading one.

But that changes when he was stuck in a Psychiatrist’s office, then an X-Men Comics catches his attention, but not for long he started reading it. That was the time Sheldon started loving comics and heroes until he was all grown up.

He Loves Traveling in Trains

His love for trains and train engines was unbelievable, he even said that he will become a ticket taker if the physics path didn’t work out. What’s worse he even called himself an engineer when he bring a Train engine to his apartment.

One time he even forces all the boys to travel in a train, instead of a plane, this is the scene where we found out that his Meemaw called him moon pie.

Another time, due to his selfish desires, Sheldon forces Amy to go on a date with him on a train, which tells you how much he loves the trains.

Hate and Fears Getting Sick

The most hilarious yet romantic moment I can think of is: when Howard tried to perform a song in front of Bernadette when she was sick in the hospital Sheldon refuses to join them because she was sick and he thought that her sickness was contagious.

Another one is when Amy got sick then he refuses to take care of her, he deliberately misled Amy in the agreement: She will take care of him but he will not take care of her, if she got sick.

Sheldon Loves Creating Agreements

He loves creating agreement, because he likes to have security, and remove the nonsense discussions. He even created an agreement between him and Amy, putting together ground rules for their relationship moving forward.

This love for drawing agreements comes from his childhood when he created an agreement for his Meemaw and Dr. John Sturgis, to put ground rules for their courtship, According to Young Sheldon show.

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Final thoughts: The fact that Sheldon is a creature of unique habits, is so obvious. Most of his daily lives are dictated by certain rules, he made for himself or was motivated by his own thinking.

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