Ever since we start watching the big bang theory, Sheldon has always been a creature of habits, like all humans do, but he takes it to the extreme level. He put a schedule of his bathroom time, create relationship agreements, no whistling is allowed in the apartment, and so much more.

Surprisingly, A lot of those habits were with him since he was a child, as we saw in the Young Sheldon Show (The Big Bang Theory Prequel). So, I gathered seven childhood habits of Sheldon that stayed with him until he was a professor.

1. Can’t Smile Properly.

sheldon smile
Image: Big Bang Theory and TBBT Prequel.

In the original show, When he was trying to apologize to Raj for what he did, Leonard and Howard tried to help Sheldon practice before they enter Raj’s office, so he can look like he was sincere when he apologized, so Leonard asked him to smile. The problem was His smile made him look like the Joker from a Batman Movie.

Similarly, in the Young Sheldon show, He found it difficult to show His dad that he is happy having his own bedroom Because his twin sister is becoming a young lady (🔗).

2. He loves Trains since he was little (TRAINIAC)

sheldon loves trains
Image: Big Bang Theory and TBBT Prequel.

Ever since he was little Sheldon was so obsessed with trains he even planned to change his career when he got into a fight with his administration, to a Train Engineer even though he hate engineers.

Back when he was a child, Sheldon’s plan for the future was to be a physicist, and plan B in case the first doesn’t work out is to be a Ticket holder on a train, which shows how much he love the trains.

3. When he was sick someone has to sing Soft Kitty to him.

Marry singing Soft Kitty.

We all remember the time when Penny first sang Soft Kitty to the germophobic when he was sick, but if you didn’t watch Young Sheldon Episode 13 from Season 1, “A Sneeze, Detention, and Sissy Spacek,” You wouldn’t have seen the moment where His mother Mary cooper sang the same song for him when he was a child.

4. Relationship agreement.

sheldon relationship agreement
Image: Big Bang Theory and TBBT Prequel.

Sheldon is always obsessed with agreements and love to have people’s words on paper especially when it comes to long relationships, like Marriage and roommate.

But was he always like that? No, In the big bang theory Prequel, Season 1 Ep 22, Sheldon first got addicted to creating agreements when he first write one for his Mentor and Meemaw that explained the relationship between them.

5. Reading Comic books.

sheldon comic books
Image: Big Bang Theory and TBBT Prequel.

At the beginning of the Young Sheldon Show, you will be surprised that the die heart fan Comic nerd was actually against reading comic books, he thought that those were for kids, except he forget that he is one of them.

This idea changed after he got stuck in his Psychiatrist’s office, where a flashy book got his attention, it was one from the X-man Series, due to the boredom he started reading it then immediately he got hooked because he thought that he is just like an X-man and people misunderstood him.

6. Gives a Hot Beverage.

The first time Sheldon offered a hot beverage.

One of his best habits, whenever someone is Emotionally distressed, Sheldon always offers them hot beverages (such as tea) as his way to deal with them. There are many moments but the funniest was when Howard got in a fight with Bernadette and his mom, then he seeks refugee (as Sheldon put it) in their apartment.

The first time was when Paige Swanson, his official Rival at school, was having family issues she explained her situation to Sheldon and the only thing he thought of is to offer her a hot beverage. Then his dad praise him for that which made him keep that gesture with everyone.

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