The actors that played in Young Sheldon have spent about 5 years making the 5 seasons of the show. During that period almost all of them started showing a little of a difference in appearance since most of them were just kids when the show started back in 2017.

We have gathered pictures comparing each young actor or actress to his or her first appearance in the show, it’s like 1st Season vs 5th Season.

1. Sheldon Cooper

sheldon cooper Young Sheldon show
Image: Sheldon cooper from YoungSheldon show and The Big bang theory.

Iain Armitage, was the youngest among the main characters of the Young Sheldon show, at the time he was eight years old when the show started (Season 1). and at S5 Iain was 13 years old.

The producers were so thrilled and surprised that such a young actor exists. Steve Molaro, one of the creators of the show, explained how difficult was the task of finding a younger version of Jim Parsons.

In the Original series, Big Bang Sheldon was played by Jim Parsons In case you didn’t know about him, yet, I doubt that. After Playing the Sheldon Character Jim earned several Big Awards for his performance, so finding a young replacement was like a dream come true for the showrunners.

2. Paige Swanson

Paige Swanson Young Sheldon show
Image: Paige Swanson from YoungSheldon show.

Mckenna Grace, Played the friend/enemy of Sheldon or His Brainiac Rival, she was 13 years old in her first appearance in the show. Then in S5 she was at 15 years old.

This Young American Actress started acting professionally when she was as little as six years old, she got to be part of many shows like Playing Jasmine Bernstein in the Disney XD sitcom Crash.

3. Mary Cooper

mary cooper Young Sheldon show
Image: Mary cooper from YoungSheldon show and big bang theory.

Zoe Perry, Played Young Sheldon, the actress didn’t seem to be changed much in the looks department, she played the mother of young Sheldon well.

Miss Zoe played in many shows like Scandal 2012-2018, and Deception 2008. But she is well known for playing Marry cooper in the Young Sheldon Show.

In The Big Bang Theory, the role of Sheldon’s mother was played by Laurie Metcalf. her performance was great, we ranked her as one of the best side characters in TBBT.

4. Billy Sparks

billy sparks Young Sheldon show
Image: Billy sparks YoungSheldon show.

Wyatt McClure, is known for his role in young Sheldon as Billy Sparks, the bully who got himself a spot on Sheldon’s mortal enemies list. Back at the beginning of the show, when Wyatt McClure made his first appearance, he was eight years old. And at the end of Season 5, Wyatt was 13 years old.

Billy Sparks was also mentioned in the big bang theory but never made an appearance, we have seen Leonard’s childhood nightmare but not Sheldon’s.

5. Tam Nguyen

tam ngyuen Young Sheldon Show
Image: Tam Ngyuen from YoungSheldon Show and big bang theory.

Ryan Phuong, played Sheldon’s best friend, his first appearance in the show was back when he was 15 years old. His last appearance was at the end of season 4, he was 19 years old.

The character Tam Nguyen also made an appearance in the Big bang theory, and it was played by an Asian actor Robert Wu.

6. Georgie Cooper

georgie cooper Young Sheldon Show
Image: Georgie cooper from YoungSheldon Show and the big bang theory.

Montana Jordan, a young actor who played Sheldon’s brother in the series, In the first season of the show Montana was 14 years old. And when season 5 ended, The tire-lover boy was 19 years old.

Jerry O’Connell was the one who played Georgie in the Big Bang Theory show when Mr. cooper finally build his tire company.

7. Missy Cooper

missy cooper Young Sheldon
Image: missy cooper from YoungSheldon.

Raegan Revord, Sheldon’s twin sister, was nine years old when the big bang theory Prequel started. Raegan was 14 in her last appearance in the show. In case you are wondering about who played Sheldon’s sassy in the original show, she was Courtney Henggeler.

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