The Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch was one of the best Actors in the big bang theory she earn her place on the show and had a lot of screen time. But the actress has a lot of unpopular things behind the big bang screen that was happening were easy for the audience to miss.

These are 3 unpopular things about Melissa Rauch, one of them improved the show and added a surprised twist to the story for the audience and fans.

1. Which of Bernadette’s Pregnancies Coincided With Melissa Rauch’s?

bernadette pregnant season 10 the birth synchronicity
Image: Big Bang Theory Show

Bernadette the role that was played by Melissa Rauch had to on-screen pregnancies, the first was in fall of 2016 at Season 10 during the episode named: “The Birthday Synchronicity,” and the Second one was back in 2017, at Season 11 during the episode named: “The Proposal Proposal.”

In July 2017, Mr. Rauch published an Instagram post of a Text picture with: “It’s a girl” announcing to the world that she is expecting a child after overcoming a lot of medical difficulties. In the description of the image, Melissa writes a nice touching message for all of those who are still in that phase.

“I am beyond over the moon to share that our beautiful baby girl, Sadie Rauch, has arrived and our hearts are bursting at the seams with love for her. I will never take for granted the difficult road it took to get here,” she wrote in a post on Instagram. “To those on that road: I’m sending you so much love today and always.”

So, Bernadette’s second pregnancy was a real pregnancy for Melissa Rauch and her husband Winston. Most of the fans that were not following Melissa’s Instagram account were shocked to find out that Bernadette’s second pregnancy was a real one.

Bernadette pregnant season 11 the proposal proposal
Image: Big Bang Theory Show, Bernadette Pregnancy 2

During an Interview with Steve Holland hosted by the Hollywood reporter, he was asked about How much did Melissa’s pregnancy impact this storyline? and if it was all previously planned?

Steve admitted that at first, they were planning to apply the usual sitcom tradition of ignoring the fact that Mrs. Rauch is pregnant, by making custom scenes for her and having her sit a lot and cover her belly with big items like normal producers do.

“..When Melissa told us that she and her husband were expecting, we started talking about what we wanted to do in the show,” Steve Holland told THR. “Our first thought was that Howard and Bernadette just had a baby.”

The showrunner explained that Melissa’s pregnancy was a great plot twist to surprise the audience, also, he added that scenes where Bernadette breaks the news of her pregnancy to Howard Wolowitz were one of his favorite.

According to THR, Steve Said: “It seemed like a really interesting story to tell. One of my favorite scenes in the premiere is when Bernadette tells Howard and shows him the pregnancy test.”

2. The Office Character who Melissa Rauch Played.

During Episode “The Delivery: Part 2,” from The Office 2010, Mrs. Rauch appeared to be a roommate of Pam Beesly, who happened to mistakenly breastfeed the wrong baby, then Jim Helpert quickly returned the baby to its place and pushed him toward his mother (Melissa). that was one of the major events in the series, it took two episodes of Pam being in the hospital.

Melissa Rauch’s Appearance in The Office.

3. The Marvel Superhero Who Was Played By Melissa Rauch.

Mrs. Rauch voice-played many animated characters in her career, the best one was a villain called Harley Quinn from Batman the animated series. But the one that fans missed was her role in the Ant-man short animation, Hope Pym, or also known as the Wasp. You might not recognize him but Existing fans of the Marvel comics are familiar with this character, who appeared in “Ant-Man,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

Ant-man from Disney XD

Final Thoughts: After the show ended in 2019, most of the actors in TBBT got more offers and leading roles in new tv shows, due to the success of the show. if you want to know more about other characters like Penny and Sheldon, visit the Big Bang Theory Show for more.

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