The Big Bang Theory is one of the best tv shows in the last decade, and i think its going to be for years to come. Aside from being the funniest tv show and similar to the legendary tv show, FRIENDS, the show actually can teach us many life lessons that could actually help us in life. You might have never heard of them before. So I picked 16 life lessons from The Big Bang Theory.

What Life Lessons The Big Bang Theory Teach us?

the Big bang theory tv shows - life lessons
  • 16. Sometimes living a Dream that you worked for, for so long can be surprising, and you may never see it coming, So you need to Calm Down and Enjoy the Experience because that moment is not going to last for long.

When Sheldon got his Nobel award and became a famous person he was actually working towards that outcome for so long, but when he actually lived the moment he panicked and started running away from the change in his life. If he had just taken a breath and thought things through he would have lived the moment better.

  • 15. The Gift Price doesn’t matter, the gesture is. And a thoughtful gift is way better than an expensive one. Because, gift with meaning, always wins.

 In Christmas when Sheldon though he is very prepared for whatever penny is going to offer him, he was shocked with the gift that she did presented to him, even when the gift is not that much, but the story and the writing from who she got it from, make it irreplaceable gift for Sheldon because she thought of him when she want to give him something. The contrary, when Sheldon prepared his gifts, all he was thinking about was money and something better than what she has. 

  • 14. Exercising with friends is way better than doing it Alone, and will be motivating.

Even if they are just dancing, you can feel that all of them are having so much fun, not because he is dancing but because he is doing it with friends. I’m not telling you to go dance, but you can apply it in exercising with friends, it could be at The Gym, or in the Backyard of your House.

  • 13. There is absolutely nothing good that is going to come from doing things too much. Especially the internet.

When Penny was introduced to gaming and online gaming by Sheldon she took it too far and became addicted, she stayed up too long playing a game. That is a signal that playing games or doing anything for too long will backfire on you mentally and physically or even financially.

  • 12. Love can blind you from the truth, and from thinking logically.

When Penny was owing her so-called boyfriend money, she asked Leonard if he could talk to him about it. But in the  end it doesn’t end well for Leonard since he got beaten by the muscular boyfriend and humiliated too.

From the Big Bang Theory: Leonard attempting to discipline Penny’s Boyfriend.
  • 11. People can’t figure out everything in the universe and how it works no matter what they do, the more they know the more they know that there is more that they don’t know about.
  • 10. Sometimes you need to take care of yourself because no one is going to do it for you.
  • 09. There are times when you have to take a break and let yourself rest for a while. Because you are a human not a robot.
  • 08. There is nothing called “you are too old to play video games and board games”. No matter how old we are, we are always going to enjoy playing games.

When Sheldon and Leonard jumped into the lake of balls they looked like children. But they also seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes you need to let that child’s mind inside you to go free, and play, doing silly things. It is refreshing and a way to escape from professional life. Just don’t go drinking it’s bad for your mind and body.

  •  07. You have to be very selective about what kind of roommate you are going to choose, because it is very important.

Sheldon may have taken the process too far and exaggerated the matter. But, he shows how important it is to have a roommate and set ground rules for living together, because you don’t want to have conflict between you and the people you are living with. It will be a disaster plus it’s going to be too late by then, and may lose a friend for it.

From Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Sheldon.
  • 06. It’s okay to be obsessed with a few things, like food and sport.

Even though Sheldon has taken the obsession too far, it becomes an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It shows that it’s okay to be obsessive about something sometimes, and stop stopping yourself from the things you like the most that have a lot of meaning to you.

  •  05. There aren’t a lot of people that could be friends with you for so long but there is absolutely one best friend that if you find him he will stick with you for the rest of your life.

No matter what happens between Leonard and Sheldon, there are some times where the fans of the big bang theory think that they are going to be separated, but they always find a way to get back together. This is the unbreakable bond between best friends.

  • 04. You will never know who might give you that best advice at the right time, you can’t dismiss everyone, because you might need that word, because words are so powerful, they might hurt you, save you or help you through difficult times.

When Howard’s mom passed away, it was a very emotional moment, everyone was thinking that when Sheldon open his mouth he is going to say something stupid or funny, but he said the most emotional words through the entire show. Everyone was shocked, even Penny, who was trying to stop him from saying anything, but Sheldon said the right words at the right time.

From Big Bang Theory: Emotional Moments from Howard’s mom dies Scene.
  • 03. In every group, it’s often to find one of them that you gotta deal with him as he is.

In this case, Sheldon was the guy that every member in the show has to deal with and put up with his crappy attitude, or they will just hurt the entire group. Plus picking on him was so funny, none of them could resist doing it.

  •  02. In life there are times you need to decline other people’s invitations politely and sometimes you need to use the harsh way,, especially when they are drunk, reason does not work with them.

When Penny was studying for the exam, Amy and Bernadette went to Penny’s place and asked her if she could have fun with them at the bar, while they were drunk. Penny tried to decline it politely but that was the wrong approach, she needed to be more aggressive and decline their invitation because that moment is a distraction from her duties.

From Big Bang Theory: when Bernie and Amy came from the party.
  • 01. Sometimes you need that hot tea, because in certain situations it might calm your nerves down and help you think with a calm mind.

When Howard was all angry at his wife and his mother for not compromising, he went to Leonard and Sheldon’s place to tell them what’s in his mind. The first thing Sheldon does when people are angry: is offer them a hot drink, to calm them down. It’s a good thing because it really does.


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