Ever Since the show was ended, I have been so fascinated with how secretive the big bang theory show was. There are so many things behind the scenes and in the background that only a true fan with high observation skills will notice the difference.

After re-watching parts from the show and a little research, I stabled across a lot of secrets and hidden facts these are 10 hidden things and facts that only true fans know about.

10. You can watch the show live:

Even though, that this one has been revealed before Most of the people who watch the show were not aware of the possibility to watch the cast members perform live and the laughers were real. With one ticket people were able to participate in the show.

Image from TBBT Sitcom

9. Howard’s room:

If we look at Howard’s room, we will notice that he has a lot of superhero posters and cool comics gadgets (even though that is not suitable for someone busy with space science). But the thing that most people weren’t aware of or miss is: Howard only has female figurines, due to his obsessions’ with females that far surpass the limits.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Howard’s Room

8. Bernadette’s Voice:

The Producers who write Bernadette’s Character required Melissa (the person who played Bernadette in TBBT) to use a high voice like a child, to match the character’s personality, the funny thing is that Howard didn’t give much attention to the way Bernadette’s voice because if that were real life that would be a deal-breaker, it doesn’t seem right to have a voice like that in a 30s-year-old adult.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Bernadette

7. The Original Title of “Big Bang Theory”:

The big bang theory show was a great success according to experts in the entertainment industry, knowing that the real name wasn’t the TBBT but Lenny, Penny, and Kenny; made me wonder if the name was different, will the show be able to gain a similar success.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Cast member cover

6. The History of Bazinga:

Many Say that Bazinga was a catchphrase that Sheldon invented to say after each joke according to Young Sheldon, even though later in the big bang theory Sheldon stopped saying the word in the latest seasons, Due to the actor’s concerns about his career. The word was originally from a recent discovery in brazil of a new species of Bee.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Sheldon on Halloweens

5. The bumpers on the show are not the same:

Knowing this one was a big surprise to many people me included, for almost all the people who watched the show weren’t aware of the fact that the bumpers between scenes are different. one of the producers announce that later.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Bumper

4. Music Instruments:

As you have seen during Raj and Howard’s annoying performance of music playing Guitar and Piano or Leonard playing the Violin or Sheldon’s odd choice of playing Bongos, each member was learned and trained to play a different musical instrument.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Raj and Howard playing Music

3. Leonard was offered the role of Sheldon:

I don’t think I can imagine Johnny Galecki (the actor who played the role of Leonard) playing Sheldon, Maybe because we are used to them as they are, it would be unthinkable of seeing them switching roles. Galecki refuse the offer and requested the role of Leonard instead and as expected the film producers respected his request.

2. Leonard’s glasses have no lenses:

Do you know that Leonard’s glasses have no lenses? yes, it is true, and that due to a reason, mainly due to possible distractions and reflections of light especially in a studio, they tried to make the show as good as possible to avoid any obvious mistakes, so they get rid of the lenses.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Leonard and Penny on the stairs

1. Lucy and Remona wrote the song: “if I didn’t have you”

How Ironic? the most romantic song in the big bang theory was created by one who broke Raj’s heart and the other who want to steal Sheldon by force. However, in real life, these two were known as Garfunkel and Oates, it’s hard to believe but these two have a lot of songs singing together before they were brought to the big bang theory.

Image from TBBT Sitcom: Lucy and Romana

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